Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Officer AND A Gentleman... There are good people out there.

NEW YORK — A tourist’s snapshot of a New York City police officer giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man in Times Square has created an online sensation.
Jennifer Foster, of Florence, Ariz., was visiting New York with her boyfriend on Nov. 14, when she came across the shoeless man asking for change in Times Square.

As she was about to approach him, she said the officer — identified as Larry DePrimo — came up to the man with a pair of all-weather boots and thermal socks on the frigid night. She recorded his generosity on her cellphone.



  1. I read this on yahoo. In this age where every week you read a story or see a video of cops abusing their power and violating peoples rights. Or assaulting every day citizens for minor offenses, it is good to see that not all cops are Nazi's. That there are still a few good guys left out there.

  2. I actually recognize this homeless man. He is always standing on the corner of 41st and Lexington in NYC, right next to my office building. He is truly a sad sight. Never wears shoes and has nasty feet. He never bothers anyone.

    1. The sad part is, maybe he has a mental illness, and he will be barefoot again soon. There is a person like that here. People help him, but then you always see him in the same condition later. We give him food from time to time.

  3. That`s great ! , now he can have warm feet while he starves to death. The billionaire mayor Bloomberg preventing food handout`s to the homeless because he can`t determine fat content !.


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