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Monday, September 24, 2012

Great Op-Ed From The Local Paper...

Obama is the Teflon president
 Newburyport Daily News
 To the editor: 

Only Barack Hussein Obama could survive unscathed the events of the past week. Of course, it helps if you have the media hacks from CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NBC, CBS and ABC covering your tracks. For those whose idea of current events consists of all things Kardashian, here’s what you missed. In August, more people applied for food stamps than found jobs. 8.1 percent unemployment doesn’t begin to tell the story as 368,000 workers gave up looking for work and were not included in the grim stats. The labor force participation rate dropped to 63.5 percent, the lowest since 1981, which ironically was preceded by the disaster that was Jimmy Carter. Obama snubs Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, yet finds time for Letterman and “Entertainment Tonight.” Israel is our staunchest ally in the most volatile part of the world. In his four years in office, Obama has yet to visit Israel. Moody’s downgrades our credit worthiness for the second time in the last six months, which means it’s going to cost even more to borrow money to keep up our spending binge. The guy that promised to cut the deficit in half has added $6 trillion to it. The Federal Reserve embarks on the third round of “quantitative easing,” which means we’ll be printing more money that we don’t have, which will cost us more to borrow due to the Moody’s downgrade noted above. The effects of this policy will most certainly lead to inflation. Get ready for $5 gas. Have you noticed your grocery bill lately? “The Washington Post reported that Obama missed 62 percent of in his daily intelligence briefings over the past two years, a period encompassing the Arab Spring uprisings. This is stunning. Conversely, George Bush rarely missed his daily briefings.” In the aftermath of the storming of our embassy in Cairo, Obama’s State Department apologizes to the attackers for the actions of “misguided individuals” who might have hurt the feelings of Muslins, as if the violence were somehow justified. The State Department later retracts that statement. Within hours of the attack on our embassy in Libya that kills four Americans, the president jets off to Vegas to ring the register with more campaign contributions. Meanwhile, extremist Muslins expand their attacks to 21 countries and the White House continues with the narrative that it’s not due to U.S. policy but rather some obscure YouTube video that went viral in the Arab world. Haven’t radical Muslins have been trying to kill us for decades? Has everyone forgotten the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 which happened under, you guessed it, Jimmy Carter? Without his teleprompter, Obama tells Telemundo that Egypt is neither an ally nor an enemy despite a 1989 agreement to the contrary. His own State Department has to correct him the following day. Imagine the field day the media would be having if this fiasco occurred on George Bush’s watch. Yes, it’s good to be Barack Hussein Obama. You’re coated in Teflon that the media is happy to apply liberally on a daily basis.

 Mike Cronan Newburyport

I wanted to add this left wing comment that was posted as a rebuttle so you can see the mindset of the left:

Yup! More lunatic diatribe from the wacky right! Meanwhile, under socialist Obama, the Dow has doubled since he took office and corporate profits are at historical highs, GM is alive and bin Laden is dead. The Iraq war is over, and 33,000 American troops are returning home from Afghanistan right now, as Obama winds that war down. Interest rates are at all time lows, and with ZERO RepubliCON votes or jobs bills brought to congress, 4.6 million jobs have been created. Did anyone notice Forbes magazines article on this years 400 American billionaires, which, by the way is based on those who are worth a minimum of $1.1 billion...regular $1 billionaires don't make the list. How many of those billionaires hide their money offshore to avoid paying taxes that cause our deficit to be in the trillions? As for our deficit, defense spending doubled under George Bush and takes 56% of the budget. It's time to scale that back and ending the wars will help. And yes, one right wing Islam hating Israeli American DID release a hate filled movie on Islam that caused a furor in the middle east. That type of thing happens every few years, and as for our embassy being attacked, it happened five times when Bush was president. That movie and resulting furor caused gas prices to spike temporarily. Crude has dropped $6.00 this week and gas prices will start falling soon. America will never become energy independent without wind and solar. Germany produces 20 times more energy through wind and solar than their nuclear energy provides. We can do the same thing here, while creating tens of thousands of jobs. Battery powered cars will also reduce our dependence on oil. Our oil consumption is at it's lowest since 1997 and dropping. Our natural gas supply is at it's highest in history, too. Elect Romney and the deficit will increase another $5 trillion, because that's his plan, to cut more taxes for his wealthy friends, the middle class will disappear, America will become a plutocrasy, and 50% of our seniors will be thrown back into poverty, like they were before social security.


  1. When 'Taxmageden ' goes into effect 1-1-2013 , the last sand's will tumble trough the hour glass.This place is finished .

  2. I'm sorry, I only made it halfway through the rebuttal before my nose started bleeding and I had to puke. It's like watching a horrific car crash in slow motion, you know you can't stop it, there's going to be huge casualties, and nothing will ever be the same again. It's 8:30 on a Monday morning and I need a drink...

    1. Go for a bacon Bloody Mary..


  3. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)September 24, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    Scary...some people are so brainwashed. 'Hope his power goes out and stays out because of all the coal plants closing. Maybe he can blow on a pinwheel to generate his electricity.

  4. If I may be permitted, I'd like to 'fisk' that response a bit. Addressing the claims in a bullet point format:

    -The Dow is a reflection of the share price average of the top (500?) publicly traded companies. Rather than go into a long explanation, I'll refer readers to the previous entry about '1910' and my comments there.
    -Same goes for the '...corporate profits...at historical highs...'
    -Last I hear GM is still struggling along on (fed.gov) life support
    -I have yet to see a body
    -No argument on the factual accuracy of the war claims
    -In the depths of Japans recent economic struggles (recent being the last 10 years or so) interest rates were actually in the negatives. That wasn't a good thing.
    -4.6 million jobs may have been created. When, over what time frame, and how many of them are still around? (remember...2 years after the election there was a census held...LOTS of jobs created then...where are they now?)
    -Billionaires...see my first bullet point.
    -So it's only unpaid taxes that cause deficits? No mention of out of control spending?
    -GWB had two wars to deal with (the validity of which is not part of this ECONOMIC discussion)...of COURSE spending is going to increase.
    -There have been intelligence reports from our own fed.gov indicating that the video had been known about for several months over in the middle east and had, in fact, been more or less suppressed until a radical muslim group in Egypt had time to translate it so the masses could understand it...and then released it for public consumption in order to use the predictable unrest as a cover for terrorist attacks.
    -And how many of our ambassadors were killed in the attacks that happened on GWB's watch?
    -Neither the movie nor the 'backlash' caused gas prices to spike...it was hand wringing reactionism (whether warranted or not). OPEC didn't get pissed over a movie and start gouging us...demand increased over fears of what would happen as a result of the violence/unrest.
    -America WOULD be energy independent TODAY if fed.gov and all it's alphabet agencies would just get-the-fuck-out-of-the-way. Wind and Solar, while a noble endeavor, are NOT the be-all end-all solution.
    -I'd like to see some hard data on that '20 times' claim, sparky. Last I heard Germany's RE production was 20% of their overall generation with nuclear picking up the majority of the rest....and they are STRUGGLING to meet demand now, even as they are facing legislatively mandated Nuke shutdowns in the near future.
    -Yes...WE could do the same here (by which I mean we actually COULD get 20 times our nuke output through RE sources), but it would require thousands of acres occupied, and billions invested in infrastructure to transport the power from where it's generated to where it's consumed...and that's not even counting the cost of constructing the generating facilities. (see also getting fed.gov alphabet agencies out of the way)
    -I can't argue with the jobs being created though.


    1. CONTINUED(sorry...hit the character limit)

      -The diesel engine was originally designed to run on coal dust, and it's exceedingly easy to convert a gasoline engine to run on LNG. Batteries are great for running a little puddle-jumper around a big city...they will not and CAN not replace an internal combustion engine for the longer distances that the majority of people must drive on a regular basis.
      -Our consupmtion is at it's lowest because this administration has done everything in it's power to restrict our supply, thereby increasing the price via demand (as well as dollar devaluation re: the first bullet point). People can't AFFORD to buy petroleum products like before.
      -no argument with the NG claim
      -Claiming Romney WILL increase the deficit is simple fearmongering. You have no proof that it will happen as you fear, or that it is 'his plan'.
      -Our seniors are ALREADY being thrown back into poverty due to the loss in buying power of the FRN (again: see the first bullet point SQWAAK, Whistle!)
      -As if America isn't effectively ALREADY a plutocracy.
      -Social Security (or as I call it, State Slavery) is the preeminent illustration of a 'ponzi scheme', and is headed full throttle toward a fiscal cliff.

  5. I just saw this and am glad it was not this morning as it was a bad Monday morning and someone would have died..
    Cripes....What the hell is in that kool aid???


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