Wednesday, September 26, 2012

West Branch, Mich. is an AWESOME Town.. Read Why

In my opinion this is what communities should do. Banding together to stand up against 
this crap.

West Branch, Mich. — High school student Whitney Kropp was shocked earlier this month when she was named to the homecoming court.
Her happy surprise turned to humiliation when she learned the reason. The students thought it would be funny if the popularity contest was won by someone who was unpopular.
Kids pointed at her in the hallways and laughed. The boy who was picked with her withdrew.
Students told her that, in case she was wondering why the boy had dropped out, he was uncomfortable being linked with her.
"I thought I wasn't worthy," said Kropp, 16. "I was this big old joke."
Her embarrassment was complete, but it didn't last long.




  1. Hey bud I delete all the celebrities, so I put some more German hotties up.........

  2. Absolutely wonderful and one of many reasons you should homeschool. Posted.

  3. I don't know why she's not popular.
    I think she's pretty.

    1. I agree drjim,

      She is pretty, but as the article says she's a "free spirit", i.e. doesn't conform to the peer group's standards. So, like the wayward Amish youth, she's (shunned) banished from the tribe. In her case modern "shunning" takes the form of overt bullying.

      Many young women, with weaker constitutions could not bear to face the bullying and have killed themselves.


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