Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life Lessons from A Tragedy...

I read this news article earlier and thought to my self "How many of us think about things like this?"

A father and his 8 year old son were killed on their motorcycle when they broad sided a dump truck that had turned into their path. It was at sunset and the road must have been facing due west. The driver of the dump truck was probably blinded by the setting sun and never even saw the bike.


There are many times I have been out walking or on the bike during sunrise or sunset and you can watch the people coming at you squinting, holding their hands up, or pulling down the visor. You can also add the distraction of a dirty windshield, pitted windshield or any other thing drivers do to add to you being invisible to drivers.

I always try and be vigilant and pretend I am invisible to the other drivers that I share the road with.

I wanted to pass this along so that anyone that rides a motorcycle or walks or jogs on the road just has in the back of their mind this tragedy due to that setting sun.


  1. Such a sad story .....
    By the way you gave me the flu, remind me not to comment when your sick.......

    1. Sorry to hear you're sick buddy! Hope you feel better :)

  2. I always ride as if no one can see me, and if they could, they'd try to kill me.

  3. I always ride as if no one can see me, and if they could, they'd try to kill me.

  4. An old timer told me once to watch your shadow, The longer your shadow is in front of you, the less people can see you.

  5. Can't do it on a motorcycle but when riding east or west at sunrise or sundown I find it useful to pedal on the "wrong" side of the road - the side where people can see in the direction they are going.


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