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Friday, August 24, 2012

THIS Blows My Mind.....

It's been an hour and already HERE is the statement in red that we always hear......

How the fuck do they know??

New York: Two people have been killed and at least eight others were wounded in a shooting outside of the Empire State Building in New York City on Friday, according to a New York police source.

One of the dead was the shooter, the source said, adding that there was no apparent link to terrorism.

A fire department spokesman says it received a call about the shooting just after at 9 am on Friday and that emergency units were on the scene within minutes.

The shooting occurred at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Now they are saying it was a dispute amongst co -workers and innocent victims were hit.



  1. They know this because it was planned.

    Think about it.

    They get someone to do this that they know will have no links to terrorism when the reporters go digging.

    It makes it far easier to say that no one should have guns not just terrorists.

    1. It's always the first thing that comes out within an hour of any type of situation like this.

  2. Aren't firearms a restricted item in ny?(lower case is intentional). How come the surveillance cameras didn't stop this shooting? Why did the police with their continuous "stop and frisk" policies not catch either of these guys before this happened? Why didn't the tsa(again intentional) with their new mission of feeling up children EVERYWHERE not find these guns? Weren't there any dhs(again, intentional)"stop and violate" checkpoints? WE NEED MORE LAWS and MORE POLICE and LESS FREEDOM!!!!!! How can we be safe from these evil guns when they apparently can go anywhere they want!

  3. "They get someone to do this that they know will have no links to terrorism when the reporters go digging." Am I reading that wrong or are you, as I suspect, living on Uranus?

    1. I suppose you also don't believe (in spite of the evidence) that the US government deliberately ran guns to Mexico (Fast n Furious) in an effort to re-institute the Clinton assault weapons ban?

      I believe the government is capable of anything.

      You, of course, are welcome to believe otherwise, and I won't insult you about it either.

  4. In defense of the actual 'text in red', it indicates that there was no APPARENT link which I read to mean: the guy wasn't wearing a heavy cotton nightgown, hollering allah akbar, shooting randomly, and waving an Iraqi flag while trying to trip a body bomb. Essentially...Lawyer speak.

    This is not to say that I don't think it fishy that such a statement was made so quickly, just that it's not an entirely inaccurate one.

    1. I agree in principle to what you say. I'm sure part of it is to alleviate panic and or concern. It just seems like they instantly make a statement about it not being terrorism. It has happened in many other cases. I usually give the 24 hour rule so all the crap filters out and some of the truth is finally in the news. NOBODY, except the witnesses know what happened down there this morning.

      I will admit the the internet and instantaneous news reporting has caused many issues in this respect.

  5. "They" also tried to hang it on a TEA party member when the CO theater shooting happened.
    I agree, don't put anything past Government in general and this administration in particular, or the media either.

  6. When I heard this on the news, I thought "They're making this up, everybody knows the peasants aren't allowed to own, much less use, a firearm in NYFC!"

  7. He had a 1911. He shot his former co-worker 5 times. There was one round in the magazine and the police jacked one round out of the chamber when they cleared the gun. If he had standard 1911 magazines, that accounts for all his rounds. No by-standers shot by him. If he had an 8-round mag, then he fired one round, quite possibly to provoke the police to finish him.

    The only conclusion here is that the police shot the by-standers.

  8. How do they know? The shooter didn't scream Allahu Akbar...


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