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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Feralirishman... After Dark and In Brazil....


  1. What is it about women from Brazil? Perfect asses and curves in all the right places. My advice to my son: go to Brazil to find a wife - women are genuinely feminine, love to dote on men and are full-throttled f'ing machines.

  2. 'S good advice, Major. All you have to do to wrap a Brazilian woman around your finger is be kind to them, don't cheat on them, and never hit them, and you've already exceeded 99% of Brazilian men. There's the temper to deal with, which is formidable, and the goddamned waxes are NOT cheap. Because their men cheat so much, the women's defense is to keep their spouses physically incapable of cheating.
    My wife's ruined me, anyhow. I could never, ever tolerate the BS of an American or European woman again.

  3. Wow, Paul, that's quite an educational post right there!

    Irish, you gotta throttle back on the Brazilian girl posts. My heart can't take much more of this!


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