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Monday, August 20, 2012

♫♫.."Before The Hyphens Came"...Madison Rising..♫♫

I got this song link from a comment on this POST from reader Craig...Thanks!

My 5 A.M. alarm goes off, I'm rolling out of bed
I turn the TV on, to wake up and clear my head
I catch the news, just in time to view another stirring of the pot
Talks of in-equality, what people need, and forgetting what they've got
But in these times of opposition, the prejudice runs deep
Dividing us by heritage is all they ever preach

They tell us that they really care
But to them it's just a game
'Cause we were all Americans
before the hyphens came
When people cared 'bout who you were
and less about your name
'Cause we were all Americans
Before the hyphens came

Somewhere down along the line, someone had the great idea
to divide us up by heritage, and profit from that fear
But growing up a while back, before these racial trends
Whether immigrant, or white or black, we just called each other friends
And if we spoke an extra language, it was just another way
To pledge allegiance to the flag, God bless the USA


So don't listen to those talking heads
There's one thing they forgot
That this Sweet Land of Liberty
Should be one big Melting Pot

So take away the hyphens
We'll all be the same
No more lines betweens us
Together we'll remain
Forget about your color
Forget about your name
No more lines between us
Cause we are all the same


  1. Thank you for providing me a place to come and get a smile in the morning!


  2. Don't forget to check out their version of The Star Spangled Banner. Just wow. Their lead singer is a Navy vet that was a Corpsman with the 2nd Marines. Any Navy dude brave enough to go unarmed, with a bunch of Marines is one brave dude. I remember the Corpsman that was assigned to our Artty unit in 74. Gotta have respect for people like that.


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