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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Can't I Get a Job?

Well Scooter, "I" have no effing idea.....?


  1. And the saddest part is that Count Fagula here gets to vote!

  2. Insecure personalities come in different degrees. Some people display their insecurity through lack of verbal interaction. The more severe cases, like the one illustrated, are crying out for attention by creating an image so horiffic it literally stops the average person in their tracts.

    He's achieved his purpose. That being the center of attention and placing his "viewers" in the catagory of his adorers.

    My professional opinion based on this one photograph: He's a major league asshole, who should seriously consider self-immolation!!

  3. Sonofa..........Damn, asshats like this really piss me off. They waste four years of mommy and daddy's money on a liberal arts degree just to work at a Starbucks, then piss and moan about their situation. Fucking drain on society.

  4. Betcha he is one of the OWS idiots that protest because he has a feel good degree and can't get a job because of his degree and appearance, blames " da man" for keeping him down, lives in his mom's basement and is a regular liberal troll on various conservative blogsites. Or am I generalizing too much.

  5. I here the circus is still looking for clowns.


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