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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Acrophobia?... You Will After Watching This

From Gawker


Russian ‘Skywalkers’ Scale 1000-Foot Bridge without Safety Equipment for Fun

19-year-old Moscow-based photographer Vitaly Raskalov and two of his friends were taken into custody by police after posting evidence of their shenanigans online.
Participating in a Russian trend known as "skywalking," the three climbed two 240-meter-high bridges in Vladivostok, recording their ascent for posterity.
After uploading the photos to a social media site, Raskalov announced that he and his buddies planned to climb Russky Island Bridge the following day. Thanks to his boasting, police became wise to their plans, 


  1. Man! That is hard to watch.

  2. It's even worse with that fish-eye lens he's using.

  3. The Lord watches out for fools and drunkards. In this case, it's probably a two-fer.

  4. How do you say: "pushing the envelope" in Russian?

  5. For me, the most horrible moment would actually come after I reached the pinnacle; looking all the way down, I would know that I had to go the whole distance again. You know, all the way up, in my mind I could say, well, if I grow too exhausted or frightened, I can always turn back. But form the top, there is no way to turn back if you are exhausted or feeling weak or shaky.
    Sure you could get down rapidly by just jumping but I don't think that would be good at the landing point.

    1. Were they wearing BASE jumping rigs?

  6. Watching that made me physically uncomfortable, and I used to do a bit of rockclimbing in my youth, so it shouldn't. Maybe it's the attitude and the lack of protection. Ugh.


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