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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dissecting The 911 Call Zimmerman Made A LEO's Take ......

Reader Carl S. sent this over to EHOWA ( NSFW link) it's a pretty good breakdown of what he thinks is happening during the 911 call to the Police.

( Carl, wrote this to Ernie)
I, like you, at first cringed when I heard the story of the Zimmerman/Martin shooting. I too thought Zimmerman was guilty as hell of out right murder. But in light of recent reports, and after doing what I should have to begin with an LISTENING to the 911 call Zimmerman made, I've come to a totally different conclusion. Let me tell you why. As a former small town cop I finally did what I should have done before jumping to conclusions and really paid attention when listening to the youtube video of Zimmerman's 911 call and a few things caught my attention. 
1. Zimmerman sounds very calm if a bit agitated during the beginning of the call. He describes Martin's clothing, expresses his concern over Martin's actions, etc in a calm level tone. He does mutter "They always get away" or something like that at one point, possibly referring to the burglaries the neighborhood had been experiencing.

2. At one point he describes Martin coming toward him and checking him out. At this point Zimmerman is still in his vehicle. Even then he doesn't sound excited or extremely concerned. You can hear a hint of anxiety in his voice, but not a lot. 

2. At around 2:05 on the playback Zimmerman says "Shit, he's running" and you can hear the quality of the sound on the call change shortly thereafter. It sounds to me like he exited his vehicle as you can hear the wind noise over the phone. Also, you can hear Zimmerman panting, like he's running. Several reports now say that Zimmerman was an overweight and had asthma, which would lead me to believe he wasn't running very hard, LOL. 

3. At 2:20 the dispatcher asks Zimmerman if he's following Martin. When Zimmerman says yes the dispatcher tells Zimmerman "We don't need you to do that". Listen closely after than.

4. Within just a few seconds Zimmerman stops running, you can hear it in the way he's breathing and not gasping as he talks. This shows me Zimmerman STOPPED chasing Martin as instructed by the dispatcher.

5. At 2:37 Zimmerman states "He ran." Now if he was still chasing Martin he would have said "He's still running" or something along those lines. "He ran" tells me Martin is no longer in his sight and that Zimmerman is NOT chasing him, as does the fact Zimmerman isn't breathing hard anymore.

6. At 2:40 to 2:55 Zimmerman is NOT gasping for air, his voice is calm for a man in his situation, and there is no indication he is still following Martin or that he can even see Martin at this point.
Through the remainder of the call Zimmerman doesn't express any interest in chasing Martin down. He's not out of breath and there is NOTHING that indicates he's still actively looking for Martin. He does express concern over giving the dispatcher his address out loud since he isn't sure where Martin is and doesn't want Martin to overhear him and thus get his address. A smart move as it turns out, since it appears Martin did return and confront Zimmerman. Add to this recent news reports that Zimmerman was attacked from behind by Martin, and that Martin broke his nose, and it changes the whole context of this incident. I'll reserve my final judgement for when/if we ever get all the facts (we know how factual the media is in their news reports), but this is looking more and more like a case of the liberal media twisting a story for their own agenda. A few links you might find interesting on the story. 

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  1. And they are still showing his 4 year old picture...from when he was 13 years old.

    I don't, and you don't, know what happened. Likely, we never will

    But I believe that this is a crisis that was ginned up....No doubt that there was a plan, and this one fit the needed circumstances. White man, black teen, etc.

    The question is WHY? (and WHO?) who gains from this? and what (why) are they covering up?


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