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Friday, March 30, 2012

Did anyone of you Win Mega Millions??


  1. I will win next time;/

  2. I understand 1 ticket won it all. I bet it will be some nut case that has money up the ass already or some old fart near death anyway. Worse case some Welfare Momma with so many kids that she don't know who the father are for half of them. Plus she will blow it all on drugs, booze, clothes and new toys (cars etc) She will stand at the press conference and praise Jesus. OK so I have too much time on my hands to think about it.

  3. No, we did not and I already had the first 3 years spending mapped out. It's agood thing I hadn't talked to any realtors or fire arms dealers.

  4. Please share that money with your co-workes. Because what God give you what's. More than the money good luck to u


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