Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yahoo Basically Calls The Election For Obama 9 Months Out.....

With fewer than nine months to go before Election Day, The Signal predicts that Barack Obama will win the presidential contest with "303 electoral votes" to the Republican nominee's 235.
How do we know? We don't, of course. Campaigns and candidates evolve, and elections are dynamic events with more variables than can reasonably be distilled in an equation. But the data--based on a prediction engine created by Yahoo! scientists--suggest a second term is likely for the current president. This model does not use polls or prediction markets to directly gauge what voters are thinking. Instead, it forecasts the results of the Electoral College based on past elections, economic indicators, measures of state ideology, presidential approval ratings, incumbency, and a few other politically agnostic factors.


  1. I am not surprised for 2 reasons...First the current crop of candidates are abysmal and the lamestream media are in the tank for Obungler and company. It also goes with the marxist idea of the "Big Lie" like Bush stole the election, for example. repeat it enough times and people will believe it.

  2. Propaganda marches on

    h/t for pointing out the existence of same.

    Liberals ... ducks in a barrel.

  3. Although a little old, this reminds of this story.

  4. Democrats always steal elections, from Kennedy in 60 to the Washington state gubernatorial race in 04. Republicans have win by a virtual landslide to have any chance.


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