Sunday, February 12, 2012

500,058 Page Views......

Thank you to all of you that stop by my little space on a google server somewhere. I am glad you enjoy my random thoughts and stupid posts and humor. I have some great commenters, followers and others that send me blogfodder, again Thank you!

I enjoy perusing many other wonderful bloggers ( see my sidebar) that make the day go by a little faster They make me think a little more, sometimes shed a tear, and many times make me laugh my ass off. It's a wonderful community you are all amazing!

This blog started back in November of 2010. I was in the habit of sending out emails to my group of friends and business associates. The emails would be ranting about politics, stupid jokes and of course some hotties. I happened to somehow start following JayG my blogfather as I enjoyed his posts about guns, and dead goblins and his political rants. I liked what I saw in his blog and decided to give this a shot. When I read his posts and comments I realized there were so many of us on the same page from all over the country.  I did a little dabbling, got through the learning curve and The Feral Irishman was born.  

 I'm thankful and appreciate all of you that stop by :) 

Since I am celebrating this milestone I figured I would ask you, my readers, a few questions?

What would you like to see posted more often/ less often?

What do you like/dislike?

What question would you ask me?

Now that I have hit this milestone......I'll Have to Celebrate :)


  1. Congrats on hitting that big milestone. Er, on passing that milestone.

    Just keep up what you are doing. What you do makes this blog what it is. :)

  2. Since you asked...

    Don't change a thing~ Unless you find a few more Male Models your wanting to post for us Women :)

    Congrats on your blog #'s

  3. I agree. Don't change it. I'm here because of what yo do.

  4. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)February 12, 2012 at 5:08 PM

    Don't remember how I found your blog (senior moment, I guess), but don't change anything... (Hubby just loves the girls). Your blog is great - the music is a little funky, but the videos are really funny and, beleive it or not, I have learned a lot about firearms! Stopped by and visited some of your pals on the sidebar and met some truly nice people!
    Thank you!

  5. Congrats on the number and the Liebster! I'd say you've got it just right.

    Billy Joel - She's always a woman to me

  6. Thanks for positive comments gang :)

    I do appreciate it!!

  7. Congratulations. Did you think it would take just over a year to hit 500K?

    I agree with the others; don't change anything up.

  8. Congrats! I'm with everyone else, change nothing, what you're already doing is how you got to that number.

  9. Don't change anything, darling, we love you the way you are. Hmmm.... sounded kinda gauy. Let's try again"
    Only way you could improve would be to make your header bar a life size, perfectly rendered image of a fifty dollar bill, front and back, and the bottom of the page, a twenty, front and back, suitable for printing out.
    That or inventing touch-a-vision for the beauties you post, that might make an old guy happier....
    Congratulations!! Rock on!!

  10. I recommend you post more sociological essays, especially while linked to cultural events and sociopolitical history, and link them to Everyman or Piers Plowman-type allegories from English literature.

    Or else, you can keep doing it exactly the way it is. It's really up to you.


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