Sunday, October 30, 2011

Check This Snowfall Map Out...

I live in the Northeast corner of MA so we are in the 4-8 inch range. So far the power has flickered twice and I can hear trees breaking in the area.  Check out the snow fall in western MA.. 

This is a heave wet snow, I can't imagine 3 feet of it!!!  I'm sure the tree and building damage will be pretty substantial.


  1. I like the snow but hate when I lose the power during a snow fall.

    I remember we had an ice storm a few years back and lost power for 8days. I heard every darn tree that fell in the woods all around my house.

  2. 30-36"?!? In October??? Was Algore there recently?

  3. da-T they should make Al Goracle come shovel it :)

  4. Damn.

    And da truth beat me to it


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