Sunday, August 7, 2011

WHOA> Back the Truck up....Read This and Tell Me What YOU Think............

Let me preface this by saying that  I used to think that this type of thinking required
people to wear tin-foil hats, that they were nuts.... nowadays I'm not so sure.

I'm posting jokes and boobies and then I come across something like this that makes
me stop and really think about about what the fuck is going on out there...

Do you think this is Nuts? or is it Possible?

I can across "Blues Blog" thru "Wirecutters" and he had this post up

Read here........."THIS POST"....  

I read it and am amazed at the connections that "Ann" put together.

I just want to see if you all think this is possible.... BECAUSE if it is... then we are going to be in alot of trouble in this country. I can't wrap my little ol brain around this kind of stuff.........

Some updates "HERE"



  1. Oh, yeah. Anne is usually right on and as I've said before, nothing surprise me these days. Hers is another site that my reader states is a bad link. I don't understand, as all the ones they say are bad are, needless to say, good. Anyone else have problems like this?

  2. I have read the updates to her blog, too. It does make you wonder.

  3. Effing scary idea.

    Do have to wonder: something like that would be just about impossible to hide from the other operators; how high up in the command structure and how BAD would the rot have to be for them to make the kinds of threats that would keep people from getting word out?


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