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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gun Pron......DPMS LR-308

I know I need to post some gunnie stuff so I can stay on the "Blacklist"

I havent shot this yet BUT I look forward to it.


  1. My local ACE Hardware has these...well, a very stripped down basic version of these for right around $1000, which is cheap enough that I am intrigued. Looking forward to finding out if you like yours.

  2. I absolutely love mine: http://newbius.blogspot.com/search?q=LR-308

  3. Niiiccceee!!!! Ive fired a 50. Barrett a time or two(and a 50. Choate, once)...theres nothing compared to reaching out and positively slamming someone at 1800 yards! ....one shot...one kill! HOOAAH!

    Rangers lead the way!

  4. Me likey.

    I have a new AR sitting beside my desk that I haven't fired yet. It's been a month. What's wrong with me? :)

  5. It IS a sweet weapon...looks a modified AR-15...my dear ole grampa left me a 1928 A-1 Thompson sub gun (all original/ full auto/ 45.cal, 4- 200 rnd drums/ 6- 40 rnd magazinesrock-n-roll all day long)....wouldnt trade this bad mammer- jammer for all the American debt in China!!!!
    However....I would consider an Obama impeachment and imprisonment, though...hell....then I probably wouldnt have to keep something like this thing loaded!!!
    Considering the indiginous populations reactions to his EPIC failures, I may need to keep it a bit longer....God, I hope so!

  6. In 308....???? DAAYYMMMM!!!! For real reach out and touch something...LOL!!!


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