Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Four Police Officers Suspended For "Alleged" White Power Gesture In Recent Photo

                      The "gesture" is open to interpretation, but I do loathe a coward who hides behinds a mask.

                                                                                              Read the story HERE.


  1. That's the old meat gazer game.

  2. Which hand is supposed to be the "gang" sign? What WC said.

    Good grief.

    1. I had to "copy and save" the image. Then I was able to zoom in and see what they were doing. Four of the guys were showing an upside down "OK" sign. The guy on the left was the most visible for me. Some were right handed and some left. I'll try to zoom and post a better image.

  3. Apparently, all classical symphony conductors are racist.

    Jesus would have done the facepalm.

  4. Hi Irish,
    As The late Frank Gallop would say in his throaty, baritone voice,"R-E-A-L-L-Y-!!!!!!!!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!,

  5. As a note, Alabama has anti-mask laws. Last year, Auburn police were able to make the ANTIFA protesters remove their masks at a rally on the campus there. I did a quick Google search and found this.

    "Since 1949, it has been illegal to wear a mask in public in Alabama outside of occasions like Halloween and Mardi Gras. That sweeping law, and others enacted across the country around that time, was in direct response to the Ku Klux Klan."

  6. Yup. Four white power signs. Thank you cops for being on my side. You should have been more discrete.

  7. You know that the this so called "white power" sign was a hoax from some people of 4chan, right?
    The wanted to make fun of the media for believing every outlandish claim as long as it fits the agenda.
    And they succeeded.

  8. Looks like ASL.

  9. Yeah. Yeah. Going into an environment of flying debris, flying shit [literally], fists, knives, etc, you would be an idiot not to wear PPE [an OSHA term] as well as body armor. And eye guards unless you hope to grope the nurse/volunteer telling you where your plate of mush is on the table. Or maybe sitting in the dark, waiting for the bangers to visit since you were "made" by the local Progressive press agency.

    Shove your fantasy world up your arse and greet the real world. Helmet, face shield, plates, cup, tips and gloves.



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