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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sane People Thoughts....


  1. Hmmm. had that issue at chinamart last month. My response was "where is yours? don't you realize how dangerous it is to be unable to defend yourself?". no longer being able to walk quickly away from asshats who don't appreciate how dangerous it is to be aggressive toward an old man with a DD-214, I do tend to carry a .45 with 15 rounds in it just in case. Reminds me, I need to load some rounds tomorrow morning...

    1. Hi Capt'!!!!!,
      Hooooodogies!! 'You "ON IT, MAN!!" As the old sayin' goes,"DON'T Fuck with an 'Old Man,' he's too old to take an ass beatin' ...so, he'll just Kill YOU!!!" And when the judge asks me why I shot the bitch 15 times, my reply will be,"Well Your Honor, That's all I had!!"
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!!,
      PS, Contrary to "Patriots claiming to maintain the 'Moral High Ground'" I might remind everyone that that day passed on the evening of 06NOV2016 when the flood gate of Communism, Liberalism and general Fascism opened and had a "Major hit of "Cognitive Dissonance!!" and it wasn't pretty!! (There's a gazillion "Melt down Movies" on youtube.. pick one).... but meanwhile, back at the ranch, remember to be"ARMED!!" Remember the "Tuller Drill" and .............................. ....
      http://kitbashed.com/blog/when-you-have-to-shoot-shoot-dont-talk ......
      'Nuff said!!!

  2. Had two fairly recent incidents like that in the Kermit meme. We were leaving an IHOP after a family get-together and saw, out in the parking lot, a magazine fall out of a guy’s coat pocket. “Double stack. Glock maybe?” And riding the county limousine (metro bus) a couple weeks ago, I saw a revolver fall out of an exiting passenger’s waistband. “Is that the new Colt Cobra?”

  3. Never fight an old dude......


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