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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

May as well go ahead and slit your own throats too

                                         South Africa Calls For 300,00 Gun Owners To Turn Over Their Weapons

                                                                                          Read about this latest move towards tyranny HERE.


  1. Turn in my gunz? Ummmm......no. Hell no. Fuck you, hell no!

    Your move, asshole.

    Deplorable B Woodman

  2. move toward tyranny ? in South Africa ? they are well past tyranny - they are well into white genocide

    1. Right you are Anon. Maybe I should change the title.

  3. Never. That is a blood line drawn in the sand that Boers and Afrikaners make flourish and feeds the nation of 70,000,000 plus that used to have much less than a million tribesmen, few to none Bantu or Bantu Zulu, on the land before they arrived and all tribesmen living a base subsistence lifestyle

  4. I would be getting out of that shithole as fast as I could.

  5. Give the demanders some of the ammunition, the slug parts, as they need it, and as many as they need to end their genocidal actions.
    In a genocide, don't end up as the Jew shot at the edge of the pit that is then bulldozed over after the pit has sufficiently filled for the murderers.
    Remember their 'Kill the Boer. Kill the Farmer' song that has been sung with psychotic and fervent glee.

    The Jewish Ghetto Uprising and the Warsaw Uprising were both fought by people who desired life and their freedom from genocide. Government refused help to both, except the Hungarian Army that was supposedly sealing off about half of the city of Warsaw during the uprising in reality were aiding the Polish people however they could. They gave the Poles all of their unregistered weapons and ammunition for those weapons. They gave the Poles food and set up hospitals for the wounded. They let and helped people and wounded escape from Warsaw. They allowed reinforcement to enter Warsaw. The Hungarian commanding general had told the German SS that Hungary would never attack the Poles. So they were assigned to seal the city. They did as their conscience required them to do. When taking Polish soldiers out of Warsaw towards the end the Germans had finally figured some of it out. Polish and SS forces were pointing weapons at each other as the SS demanded the Hungarians give them their Polish prisoners. The Hungarians refused to give up their prisoners. The Hungarian officer finaly looked at the german SS officer and lowered his pistols and something like ths is ridiculous, you don't want this. The German SS officer relented. many Hungarians joined the Poles and died. The Hungarian government attempted to switch sides and join the allies making their soldiers covered by the Geneva Convention if they joined the Poles, but were refused. The Romanians soon after switched sides and took back the Hungarian cultural parts that Romania acquired in the 1919 Treaty. There are always other things going on as people are trying to genocide you for being someone they have decided to hate.

    Do not give up your weapons. Only free people have weapons.

    Or deputize all of the weapons owners in the police force where they are at if in Afrikaner, Boer, or non Bantu municipality or state government areas. There is the largest authorized legal private citizen militia in the world in South Africa just waiting for the SA government or other attack.

  6. Well Hell ! Obama IS DOWN THERE NOW - what a bleak thing to find Obama in your country and giving a speech

    He is of the Luo tribe - not sure if there is a connection to South Africa


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