Friday, March 11, 2016

Link O'rama.... Keeping Tabs on Things...


** Crazy?  No.  Just counting on the MSM to run interference, and for the 47% of the population who want free stuff to ignore everything
** I keep saying this.  For The Believers, Hellary could be on video with audio conspiring pay-for-play with Putin to expose US secrets
through her server in exchange for laundered Russian money... and they wouldn't care.
** First the Muslim invaders, then all these useful idiots.
** I'd like to see more analysis from people I trust more, but... eye-opening nonetheless.
** Is it racial?  No.  It's 1) the INTENTIONAL destruction of the black family, and 2) the OFFSHORING of good paying jobs through free



** Know your enemy.  "War is deceit" said Mohammed himself.
** The Pope sees the Arab invasion as good.  Can Popes be removed / impeached?
** There's PROOF that the police were ordered to turn a blind eye?  The family members of police and military need to have a "Whose side
are you on?" conversation.
** Image.  Socialism works SO WELL...
** Seriously?  How about the mission: winning?
** Walter Williams on glo-bull warming.
** There's something truly.... WRONG with these people.
** Barackus secretly squealing in delight.  We reach "a deal", Iran gets over $100 billion and sanctions dropped, and they walk away from
deal.  Anyone with more than three brain cells could have foreseen this (of course, this rules out most Democrats).
** Very soon, IMHO, the police and military are going to have to decide which side they're on.
** IMHAPO, a short drop and sudden stop seems fitting.
** Every time I read about the Dems and education I have that boy from "Cabaret" singing "Tomorrow belongs to me" come to mind.
** Short video about the Magna Carta.  Interestingly, it concludes that "even leaders must obey the law".  Paging Barackus.  Paging
** Pity she didn't actually kill the SOB.
** The counterculture.  If it's "conventional wisdom", in this case, faith in G-d, it must be wrong.
** Hellary's War on Some Women.
** The nature of Israel... shown in how it cares for the wounded regardless of their background.
** Quote: "So pointing out the racism of Democrats is racist?"
** Make business more expensive through taxes and more onerous through regulations, get less of it.  Wow, who would have thought it?
** Quote: "You know why we on the right think you on the left are dangerous nutjobs? This is why we on the right think you on the left are
dangerous nutjobs."
** But... but... but we've been assured by our moral and intellectual superiors that vote fraud never happens.
** I vote for stealth efforts to make sure the rapefugees don't walk alone.  Make a few examples.
** The Democrat party itself is one.
** I told you, I told you, I told you!  And after this it will be incest - already in progress in some European countries.
Then "intergenerational love", i.e., pedophilia.  Then "Interspecies Affection".
** The REAL War on Women... and the Feminists are silent.
** The problem is that the people who set the policies aren't the ones who pay the price for those policies.  It's easy to be soft on crime
when you live in a fortress with armed guards.
** Climate Change Inquisition.

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