Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Militaria And Gun Shows Are Among The Latest Casualties In The American "Culture War"

I've been going to Show of Shows Military Show and National Gun Day mega gun show at the Louisville, KY Fair Grounds/Expo Center since the mid 90's. This year will be a little different. Ohio Valley Military Society, which sponsors the SOS has caved to a tiny bit of political pressure. Collectors and traders will notice a huge change at this years show with the absence of Third Reich pieces and other collectibles. There will be nothing with swastikas, Confederate Battle flags, etc. displayed at the show or worn by patrons. Read the entire list of "rules" HERE. I wonder if the "Herman Goerring Chair will be there this year" LOL! Seriously, in the past I have seen several Roman Army artifacts on display. Are they next on the chopping block? Those Romans were tough on a lot of different people and early Christians. I imagine if we as a nation continue on our present course these type shows will disappear in the near future. 

This video is from a recent gun show where "nahtsee" Christmas tree ornaments were offered for sale. 

WWII-era Nazi gear was on display at the Louisville Expo Center.

This photo is from an article that got the "ball rolling" to ban such items from the shows. Read the article HERE. I am beginning to wonder if there is anything left in this country that doesn't offend somebody. Can we ban everything?

I tend to agree with Hank Jr. in this 1981 song "The Coalition to Ban Coalitions"

Houston Cop Lied To Obtain Search Warrant

The result was a couple who had been married for twenty years and their dog was killed and four policemen were wounded. Heroin was supposedly being sold from this house. There was not any Heroin found. None of the cops were wearing body cameras. The lead investigator, Gerald Goines, and long time Houston Department undercover narcotics investigator lied to obtain a "no knock" search warrant. Goines has been suspended along with another unnamed policemen.

Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims.

Read the story HERE.

From Irish via Jeffery

Even more eye opening evidence in these two videos sent in by reader Papa. Watch 1 then 2.

                                                                               Pt. 1


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 They need to move the "republican refugee" zone higher and add a mASShole area.

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