Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Can't Believe How Much Restraint Was Shown During This Altercation* of a Veteran With PTSD and the other party...

* I was going to use Chimpout but that's racist.

From Clash Daily:

This woman is a real piece of work!
An outraged woman screams and causes a scene because a veteran has his PTSD dog in a restaurant.
She shouts at the veteran as well as those that are working in the restaurant and calls having a dog present ‘nasty’.

More of the story here<<<

Meanwhile In Utah..

  My Buddy is on vacation there and sent some pictures of Escalante

They are headed to Zion and Bryce today and tomorrow. Does anyone want to 
recommend some good site seeing for them?

The Bellamy Brothers Had "It" Right All Along

"It is often said that money doesn't bring happiness, but researchers may have found two things that do. A study had found that sex and sleep are two things that have the strongest association to a person's wellbeing. Forget about getting rich. Sleep and sex are the real keys to happiness". Read the story HERE.

Header Pic..

These old Broncos are still very desirable in the vintage market.

Check out the prices they are getting...


Just A "Dreamer" Looking For A Better Life....

Monday, September 18, 2017


So, A Libtard American Woman (spelled Scrunt) Walks Into A Bar in Denmark......

Hilarity ensues.....

  Here's The LINK for the rest of the story..... <<<<<

Just... wow.

The Most Unfortunate Video You'll Probably See Today

Watch as a brazen thief steals the purse of an 82 year old shopper.

A woman, who is 82 years old, was maneuvering through the store in an electric scooter and had placed her purse on the floor board. At one point, the woman reached up to grab an item from a store shelf when the suspect depicted in these photos reached down, snatched the victim's purse from the scooter, and left the store. The suspect was captured leaving Ralphs in an older, 4-door white sedan with chrome rims. The vehicle is possibly an older model Lexus GS. A short time later, the victim's purse was found dumped near the intersection of Buena Vista St. and Vanowen St. The victim's credit cards, identification, and currency were missing from the purse. It was then learned the victim's credit cards were used to make two large purchases at Target and Lowe's. Although store locations are still being verified, the purchases were possibly made at the Empire Cent



This kind of stuff has gone past the point of ridiculous.

"Woman's complaint against Hobby Lobby over "racist" cotton ignites controversy" It is absolutely insane that a person such as this lady gets bent about bolls of cotton being sold for decoration on display at the popular home craft store, but turns a blind eye to the rampant ____________ in the black communities throughout our nation. "It is a plant lady get over it" read one of the comments. When does this stop? Almost everyone I know around here that are my parents age or older picked cotton at some point in their lives, but they are all white folks.

Two recent complaints allege the decorative use of cotton, a prime export of the pre-Civil War South, is racist. (Contributed photo/Wikipedia)

Read the story HERE. Be sure to read the comments too. 

Did I Miss Something On TV Last Night?

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Mondays, They Are Like That.....

Sunday, September 17, 2017


  Click the mint... NSFW (but that's why you click)


Churchill’s mole or “Nellie” N.L.E. Tractors. ( One of a lot of cool pictures to scroll through )

Churchill’s mole or “Nellie” N.L.E. Tractors. Winston Churchill sometimes referred to the machine as his mole and the prototype machine was dubbed Nellie. It was lightly armoured and carried no weapons. It was designed to advance upon an enemy position largely below ground level in a trench that it was itself excavating. On reaching the enemy’s front line, it would serve as a ramp for the troops and possibly tanks following in its trench.


Here's another...

Boeing B-17G-70-BO Flying Fortress, “Button Nose,” Serial number 43-37704 of 535th Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group, 1st Air Division, 8th Air Force This aircraft was lost on August 8,1944 during a ground support mission to Cauvicourt,France. She was damaged by AAA and set on fire, crash-landing near the British lines close to Caen. The entire crew returned to base at Ridgewell, England safely the next day. — com Hugo E Pancheri e Thomas E. Barnicle.

11 Year Old Helps Trump Mow The Lawn......

Gorilla Pundit.....