Thursday, January 23, 2020

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The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is moving the Doomsday Clock up to 100 seconds to midnight - a metaphor for the end of the world - in a recognition of growing threats from nuclear war, climate change and disinformation.
The clock had been at two minutes to midnight since 2018. Now, the looming dangers are captured in a smaller unit in a testament to the need for urgent action, the Bulletin said Thursday, as its president warned of influential leaders who "denigrate and discard the most effective methods for addressing complex threats."

A Once In A Lifetime Find.... Phil's Gonna Be Reeeeal Jealous...

From the video:

An old excavator broke down 16 years ago and was abandoned in the middle of a trail on a steep slope in my neighbors forest. My neighbor wanted it out of the way so he can use the trail again, he said I can have the excavator for scrap metal so I went to investigate.

Sunday, January 19, 2020



12:35 Richmond Time: I heard from my friend who said the rally had concluded without incident. There was trouble with the public address system which the speakers were to use to address their grievances and speak to the crowds who had gathered. We may never know if it was a real "tech" problem or deliberate sabotage. My friend was going to hang around a while before heading home. He said the capitol grounds, roadways, etc. were still very crowded. I am glad things went as well as they did. Deep down I knew the potential for violence, false flags, etc., was very real. One thing I have not got a handle on yet is as to why the media has been so uncannily quiet. Is it simply because there was not hardly any negatives to distort and report or are the bastards being overly cautious not to divulge how well behaved the patriots in attendance were or is it so the MSM can avoid reporting the number of pro-2A supporters in attendance. Maybe it is both. I am sure the propagandist will do their best to spin it in a way to put the good guys in a bad light. Deo Vincdice

I just heard from my guy who is at the rally. I was starting to think he was a victim of Stingray or CREW jamming/tracking devices. Here is what I have so far. This came in approximately 10:15-10:25 a.m. (Richmond Time). 

"so far so good", "fairly peaceful at the moment", "we are a little removed from the capitol itself where ground zero will be", I told him I had heard the governor was in hiding to which he replied, "we had heard he left". I asked specifically about clashes and ANTIFA and he replied, "none that I've seen yet, but we are a little removed from the epicenter". Below is a picture he sent at the same time.

I have a friend who has driven down from Ohio to participate in the rally at Richmond. Though I have my own thoughts and opinions as to what might occur tomorrow, I asked him to send me brief updates, photos, videos, etc. from time to time to let everyone know how things are actually transpiring. This young man is college educated professional, a truthful historian, and patriot. So far he has texted to me:

"This place is a war zone"

"Part of me is alarmed at what I've got myself into and another part of me is like "this" matters".

Ten minutes ago I received, "They are setting us up. ANTIFA is going to provoke and attack the police and make it look like we did it".

I will post updates as I receive them.


2A Alert From The Women's Defense League In New Hampshire....

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sent in by reader NEMO.

Legislative Alert

January 17, 2020 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment

The destructive and draconian gun control bills that were VETOED last year are back in the House once again!!!! There is also legislation that will effectively END gun ranges in the State of New Hampshire!

There are two hearings in the House and one in the Senate. BOTH are important for you to VOICE your opinion over!


Show up at the hearings. You do not have to testify. You can sign in against these draconian gun control measures and show the committee that, as always, Granite Staters refuse to kowtow to out-of-state organizations seeking to harm their protected fundamental human right to self defense.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee

When: Wednesday –  January 22
Where: Legislative Office Building – Rooms 210-211

1:00 PM  – HB 1101, imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm! They want to make women LESS SAFE by forcing a 3 (really up to 7) day waiting period between the time of purchase of a firearm and the time of pickup of said firearm!! Law Enforcement has no duty to protect us; we must be our own first responders. This bill inhibits women’s right to self defense.

This will effectively END all gun shows in New Hampshire (hurting small business) and once again, harm all law-abiding citizens!

2:30 PM – HB 1379, requiring background checks for private firearms sales AND transfers. This legislation will actually make it impossible for women to get gun safety training! This legislation (the same as last year’s) will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals all while criminals continue to completely ignore existing laws! It’s the same exact California gun control legislation they have tried to pass 3 previous times and finally passed last year under the Democrat-controlled legislature. The governor VETOED it.

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