Friday, May 22, 2015

You know I need me a mess of it!

                                                                       It is that time of year

Massachusetts Moonbat Rages Against Drug-Addicted Uneducated Military Veterans

 An anonymous caller to MassFiscal had some choice words for America's veterans. To find out more about MassFiscal, visit

This clip has been making the rounds on the radio here in Boston.  On WRKO this morning they 
said that the caller is supposedly a "civics teacher" from Hopkinton MA. They are working on tracking her down so she can explain her statements:


 Just watch your blood pressure.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Go Ahead, Try And Say It Three Times, Fast.................

"Twix Tricks"

h/t to AFOI ( a friend of Irish)

Too Little, Too Late?

Why now? Does the POTUS really care what some Americans think as he says or is it TPTB fear the hardware/vehicles might fall into the wrong hands? It could be that .gov fears the  "Podunk Police Department" might not go along with their plans?

Washington, DC: President Obama is banning local police departments from receiving a range of military-style equipment from the federal government-Read the rest of the story from FOX NEWS.

Mondays, Sometimes You Think You're In Over Your Head...............

Thursday, May 14, 2015

DHS Admits Illegal Somalis and other Africans brought to CA Detention Centers

The U.S. is bringing in 100,000 Muslims every year through legal channels such as the United Nations refugee program and various visa programs, but new reports indicate a pipeline has been established through the southern border with the help of the federal agency whose job it is to protect the homeland. Read moire here.

H/T to Bob in KY

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When it comes to choosing sides after the "balloon goes up", reckon who this fellow will side with?

I understand that the MSM and many people in this country are worried whether or not Tom Brady was using an under inflated football, but there are some other interesting events taking place too!

The "infernal revenue screws", using a "war of drugs" statue,  basically stole $107,000.00 from this NC man and he is now fighting to get his money back.

“It’s my livelihood,” he told The Daily Signal. “This is all I know how to do. I’m 50 years old, and if I had to do something else, I’d probably be in trouble. This is what I was brought up in. This is all I know.” Click here of the rest of the story.