Sunday, November 10, 2019

Goodbye Old Dominion State. It is safe to say there is no voting ourselves out of this mess.

The state that has produced so many wonderful patriots and military leaders who have contributed so much to this nation has just flushed themselves down the toilet by electing morally corrupt career politicians  who will transform Virginia into an east coast Kalifornia. It reminds me of the decline of the Roman Empire. Historians and scholars may ask how did a nation as powerful and wealthy as Rome fail. I think it can be said that Rome was lost when it stopped being Roman. The empire had taken in so many different cultures, peoples, etc. whose allegiances were not to Rome but to their former governments, customs, ways, gods, etc. who were conquered by Rome. The Roman .gov simply did not have the resources to hold "it" all together.

                                                                                         What the hell happened?

A Video I'm Trying To Find To Educate The Useful Idiots... UPDATED

  A few times I have come across a video on twitter, and some  of the blogs, that is a great edit of Trump being asked the softball questions that the lame stream, fifth column media, asked Obama.  Earlier, I tried to find it, to prove a point to some friends, about how blatant the disparity is.  Has anyone seen the video and can link it? If so, please put the link in a comment and I will be appreciative.


 Updated....  Found It


I'll leave these here anyway :)

UPDATE: He is back online. / Thanks for all the kind words guys gals. Glad we could help out Kenny!

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He is fine, but his site has crashed. It went down about five o'clock Friday morning. He informed me that he should be back up and going no later than Tuesday. He also said to bear with him as it may be light posting for few days. He said there would be some format changes on his end and things might be a little "funky" for him till he gets used to it. 

Eh.. It's Too Early To Get Up...

Saturday, November 9, 2019

My defense would be, "the balloon was offensive" or "I couldn't help it. The balloon just triggered me".

Man pops "Baby Trump” balloon in Tuscaloosa

A man was arrested today during the festivities leading up to the LSU vs. UA football game/Trump visit in Tuscaloosa, AL. An "anti-Trump" rally was held near the stadium where TEN commiecrats showed up to man the "Baby Trump" protest balloon. The balloon degrading President Trump was too much for Hoyt Hutchinson a Trump supporter. He attacked the balloon with razor cutting an eight foot gash in the back, eventually deflating it. Hutchinson was charged with felony criminal mischief (seems like an "overcharge" and way excessive to me for popping a balloon). A go fund me account was immediately started for Hutchinson's legal defense. He was released from jail after posting a $2,500.00 bond. I think that this is a slap in the face to the protesters who paid $4,500.00 for renting and transporting the balloon. Personally, I am glad to see someone actually taking action against the left.  It would have been much better if he could have "popped" the balloon and avoided capture (i.e. pump up BB gun) .Most people I know are tired of those masked ANTIFA pukes who randomly beat people for wearing red hats, Trump shirts, etc. As of this posting, Mr. Hutchinson had over $6,000.00 in his go fund me account. I think I'll send him some money. The link to his account is at the bottom of the page. This has already made the national news. There are a plethora of stories out there that can be Googled. Here is a short clip of Harvey I found on YouTube.

President Trump Greeted By Deafening-Cheering Crowd Applauding Wildly And Chanting "USA! USA!" At Bryant-Denny Stadium In Tuscaloosa, AL Today (LSU vs. UA) Lasts Over One Minute

CBS (Communist Broadcast System) "blacks out" the President's warm welcome and barely makes much mention of his attendance at the jammed to capacity 102,000 person stadium.

Husband Decapitates 42 Year Old Wife Then Slashes Daughters Throat

Just another typical democrat-socialist couple living in Harlem??? Jennifer Schelcht, had devoted practically her whole life to helping "women in crisis" and murdering unborn children as a worker at Family Planning 2020. She was also a lifelong advocate for "reproductive planning" (aka: murdering babies). I bet as she drew her last breaths she was thinking "why couldn't my husband have been a butchered fetus?".

After slaughtering his wife and daughter, Yonathan Tedia hung himself by tying a length of rope to the doorknob of his daughters room.  If anyone is interested, the slanted story, it can be read HERE.