Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Same Agency Would "Barbecue" Your Ass For Possessing A Rifle Or Shotgun 1/4" Too Short:

"A government out of control", "shadow government", "deep state" are terms that instantly come to mind when I read something like this!

The ATF filled a secret bank account with millions of dollars in a shadowy cigarette sales scheme. The secret account is at the heart of federal racketeering lawsuit brought by a collective group of tobacco farmers who say they were swindled out of 24 million dollars. A pair of ATF informants received at least a million dollars each from that sum, records show. This operation WAS NOT authorized by the Department of Justice.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Truth Revealed In 1981


                                                            Often times the best hiding spots are in plain sight. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Named "The Longest Sustained Laughter By A Live Studio Audience In The History of Television"

This occurred on The Johnny Carson Show in 1965 when Ed Ames, who played Cherokee sidekick Mingo on the long running Daniel Boone television series was asked to give a tomahawk throwing demonstration.

Below are Fes Parker as Daniel Boone (left) and Ed Ames as "Mingo"

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Femme Fatale......

Why Do The Enemies of Liberty So Desperately Fear President Donald J. Trump?

Is anyone really surprised that McCain would slur The Commander-In-Chief to a gathering of global elitist? Donald Trump has been in the White House less than ONE month and already the "maverick" John McCain has sewn more seeds of contempt and dissension against President Trump than he ever did against Obongo in the eight years that musoloid-Kenyan was in office. It is obvious that party affiliation and the well being of the country mean little to McCain. He is showing his true colors and only confirming what most already know and that is the fact that he is a huge part of the "SWAMP". McCain could at least play charade like his spineless RHINO counterparts McConnell and Ryan. Those two do attempt to conceal their disdain for the Washington "outsider" who was elected President as they "ride" his coattails. I hope Trump burns McCain's ass. The "maverick" from The Grand Canyon State should have been put out to pasture years ago as he has fed at the government trough way to long. 

                                                                                                Click here for the disgusting story if you can bear it.

How to get free drinks alllll night....

That Moment When You Realize You Done Effed Up.....

It's Not Nice To Make Fun The Last President.....

What Kind Of Sorcery is THIS!?

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 Can't beat a New England roast beef sammich.. Sauce, cheese, mayo.....mmmmm

Meanwhile In Colorado Springs...The Most Armed Man in America , Weapons Tour......

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sounds Good....

SPLC :" Trump Behind Rise In Anti-Muslim Hate Groups"

Once again the real haters, those at the Southern Poverty Law Center, are attempting to demonize any and everyone who disagrees with their liberal-socialist viewpoint. Even moderately informed people know the model behavior demonstrated by muslims in our country (and around the world for that matter) has nothing to do with the rise of anti-muslim sentiment here and across Europe. Of course, I am being facetious. I suppose Mr. Potok and the other haters at the SPLC believe it is perfectly normal for muslims to rape, torture, disfigure, mutilate, and murder anyone who is not follower of their "religion". Most of the time it is easy to spot libtards. Besides the fact that liberals believe they know what is best for person better than that person knows for himself, is the fact that almost all liberals display the trait of being a hypocrite. Notice Mr. Potok displays this tell-tale sign when he points out the fact that Trump scored a huge victory for the "anti-LGBT movement"  by choosing Mike Pence as vice president, but fails to mention the hatred muslims have for homosexuals. I guess Mr. Potok had his head up his ass when Omar Marteen, a muslim, slaughtered 49 people and wounded another 53 last year in an Orlando LGBT nightclub.  Omar from Orlando really hated these "gay" folks as do most muslims and make no mistake about it. If Omar could have killed 49,000 LGBT folks (or more for that matter), he would have done so.  I wonder why the "religion of islam is not on the SPLC list of "hate groups" (tongue in cheek). It is obvious the SPLC chooses to turn a blind eye to an enemy who will kill as many "infidels" as they possibly can anywhere and at anytime. Where is the SPLC condemnation of the way islam/muslim men oppress and treat their women (I will not even get into aspects of how young boys, girls, and animals are treated)?  I believe the SPLC has it backwards. Trump is not a hater. Trump came to be president because the American people were and are sick and tired of the way muslims behave and having to tolerate an American President for the last eight years who blatantly ignored this behavior (among other things). Most Americans can see what is happening in Europe. Most Americans realize that if corrective action is not taken we will have what Europe has now.  I am referring to honor killings, gang rapes of white women, sharia law, the rampant persecution of Christians, and terrorism of every shape and form. Americans have also grown weary of blackouts in the media, fake news, the importation of so-called "refugees" and of liberals such as Mr. Potok telling them they are the problem when we clearly are not. I find it very hard to believe any person is so ignorant as to take a position such as the SPLC has in attempting to blame Donald Trump(or anyone else) for the consequences the barbarians have brought upon themselves. Defending one's home and loved ones is not hate Mr. Potok. It is the prudent thing to do.

Bullshit Story Here

(Note: The words muslim and islam were intentionally not capitalized.)