Friday, June 21, 2024

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... Free Ice Cream.. No Complaining...












Things to do, places to go, people to see. I'm out for the evening.

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Short...but oh so sweet.
    #8 is a "keeper"!
    Thanks, Irish!! You are the delicate icing on my otherwise craptastic cake of a week!

  2. Was there a red head convention in your AO this week? TY TY TY gorgeous. Then there's a whole bunch of completely aux naturale ladies baring all for our enjoyment and that daring honey at #2. The two gifs near the end at 52 and 57 look like the same rack, very nice in any event. All in all another outstanding effort in a long Long LONG string of outstanding efforts.

    Thanks and have a great weekend

  3. Now that's a bold fashion statement on 2, 18, I take it 6 wants one in the center pocket, 7 must be a C programmer - look at those pointers, 8 looks like a real woman, never saw a girl like 12 in Gunga Din, nice camo on 13, nice looking older lady on 15, 32, 53, 61, nice tush on left, center left, right on 17, nice moderated bouncy on 52, nice suds on 54, 47, hi, Sophie.

    Keep 'em flyin', guys

  4. Some nice pork hammocks on the second pic...

  5. Thank you Irish for your service to mankind.

  6. 1 - Still more intelligent looking than ole Slow Joe after eating ice cream.
    4 - That light probably costs more than I paid for my Glock.
    6 - I could watch her play all night. She holds a stick, really nice.
    7 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    8 - No tats, piercings, or silicone. Excellent. Extremely rare, now a days.
    10 - Damn cute.
    11 - The density of hotties tonight is going to make selections tougher than usual. Case in point.
    15 - MOTN
    21 -POTN 3rd Alternate
    22 - Terri Weigel April '86 PMOTM
    23 - Lisa Welch September 1980 PMOTM
    27 - Shirley Anne Field UK actress
    29 - B-26B Marauder 9AF 322BG452BS DRH Jezabelle with crew England 31 Aug 1943
    30 - POTN 1st Alternate
    32 - GILF
    34 - That pretty much was my reason. Especially 12th grade English class. Stacy's Levis never looked better!
    35 - What a smoking frame on that girl!
    36 - I prefer a Hot Mom, but you'll do.
    37 - Brigitte Bardot
    38 - Still looks better than a Carolina Squatted POS!
    40 - Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in 1962's Bond film, Dr. No.
    45 - My POTN!
    46 - The only feeling better is extracting a plug shell from a Ford 5.4L , 3 valve - without pulling the head.
    47 - My, my - she looks like fun.
    49 - With 32DDD's you aren't fooling anyone. Sabrina Nichole Bunny Playboy Cybergirl of the Month, April 2015.
    50 - Laeteta Casta French model and actress.
    51 - Yeah. That sounds about right.
    53 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    54 - Normally, I like women and bubble baths. Not so much so, right now.
    55 - Damn. That is absolutely incredible.
    56 - Doc stood you up? I'm just a regular old Maintenance guy, but I'll do.
    57 - Slippery when wet, or slippery and wet?
    62 - Sophia Loren in 1961's Madame.
    63 - It's the UniParty. What do you expect. All Kabuki Theater.

    OK. Who's the SOB that complained?
    I for one truly appreciate the weekly selection of awesome.
    No matter the picture count.
    Thanks, Boss!
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. #32 Paulina Porizkova, model born 1965, appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 1984 and 1985, an actress and married to the Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek (1989–2019).

  7. I suspect that more than one of those heifers are named "muffy..."

  8. Complaints? All I can think of are compliments. Another fine FFF, and my thanks for all your service.

  9. #46 FTW

    Not always about the women and ironically, my project for tomorrow


  10. Sitting in the back of the class in the days girls wore hiphuggers was definitely an asset.

  11. Engineers wish they had the talent to actually build a Malibu? Lifted 4 wheel drive dually

  12. Always sat in the back of the class, so I could 'learn' better.
    Thank you, Irish.
    Bear in Indy

  13. As the mechanic observed, “Easy-Out, two lies in one word”

  14. Thanks again for another great start to the weekend. I hope all is well up there in your world. Gonna get a little crazy between now and November in a state that claims to want to live free but votes blue. That's how I feel in KY where we are finally red after years of blue but twice voted in "aw shucks" Opie Beshear. Too many stupid people voting on feelings and triggers. The human race is doomed. Glad I got to live when I did. As the meme famously says, "Change My Mind". Have a great weekend all.

  15. Thank you for all the pretty Ladies. And thanks for the B-17.
    more airplanes! Chief

  16. Sitting in the back of class year 2000-2004, every hot girl wore low cut jeans with thong underwear peaking out when they sat in a desk. If it was a g string I literally could not pay attention to the teacher. Probably the reason I was a C student lol.

  17. Sitting in the back of class years 2000-2004, every hot girl wore low cut jeans with a thong peaking out when they sat down. If it was a g string I literally couldn't pay attention to class.

  18. When I went to school girls wore skirts. I spent more time looking at legs than at the blackboard.

  19. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.
    Sorry, what?

    Somebody actually complains about FFFF?

    Were they raised by dual blue-haired lesbian Karens?
    Are they retarded?
    Dropped on their head as a baby?
    Fetal alcohol children?
    Diet of lead paint chips?
    Wear a football helmet everyday, and can tell us the flavor of the windows on the short yellow school bus?

    WTFFFFF, over?

    F them in the tailpipe with a running dull rusty chainsaw, dipped in Ebola- and AIDS-blood, welded to the barbed-wire-encrusted bumper of a Mack truck, doing 80MPH with no brakes and full snow chains, driven by Evita Peron-Castro, who then backs up over them, and hits them a few more times to be sure, followed by everyone in Supermax D block having necrophiliac buttseks with the corpse.

    Then nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


  20. Thank you for all the bushes, the titties were nice too. As a machnic in the late 70s getting a broken screw out is awsome.

  21. A great effort! Thank you!
    Many lovely ladies, especially the fur-bearers!
    As hot as it's been lately, I think the dog at lead-off has it right!
    Thanks again for all you do!

  22. #34 Her name was Linda, she was a great kisser, and when Roving Hands Time started.....well, better quit before this gets into X-rated territory. Will just finish with she liked it as much as did I.


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