Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago......









 Stay safe out there..... Try and enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. Even if it doesn't prevent the next plannedemic, getting rid of the WEF is must do. Wonderful ladies as always.

  2. Are those things on 3 rubber?, nice looking older lady on 14, 85, 108, I think 15 wants her eggs fertilized, nice bouncy on 19, nice headlights on 20, nice lungs on 25, nice fuzz on 32, nice tush on 44, nice cushions on 60, nice fleshy on 72, nice world weary on 107.

  3. Very very nice collage. A flasher right near the top with several to follow, interspersed with THOSE EYES, Jennifer Connelly when she had tits riding a hobby horse(omg Omg OMG) and more fully developed American breasts than any man has a right to see in his lifetime. There were a couple of nice butts sprinkled in there too and a couple of gorgeous redheads. Bravo maestro, BRAVO!


  4. Hey Irish, thank you!

  5. Fine bunch of ladies tonight. Was # 47 AOC by any chance?

    1. Nah, she's too skinny compared to AOC.

    2. What an entertaining several minutes of scrolling through these wonderful photo images. THANK YOU!!!

  6. 3 - Holy Funbags!
    5 - Pleasant looking lass.
    6 - To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better, than facing fearful odds?
    For the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods.
    7 - Absolutely gorgeous when she smiles. Prissy and self-absorbed, otherwise.
    8 - My POTN
    11 - I LOL'd.......
    14 - GILF Too bad there aren't any pics of the Silver Fox when she was 20. That would be something.
    15 - Know how she got those eggs? See the bruises on her knees? That's how.
    16 - What is more fake - her tits or personality?
    17 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    21 - Friggin' Dodges. So slow they even get in the way of boats.
    22 - When you run out of quarters, I'm available.
    23 - Pretty much what happened. Damned if you do......
    31 - I'll take mine with a 428 SCJ and a 4 speed. Oh yeah - throw in the KR package, while you are at it. Thanks.
    34 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    40 - Dadgumsumbitch!
    43 - Elanor
    50 - DAMN. Just, DAMN.
    51 - That is giving me goose bumps, as well.
    55 - Made in American and Guaranteed forever - well, at least they used to.....
    57 - Looks like a Hot Mom I know.
    68 - Looks a tad bit nipply.
    72 - The look of a job, well done.
    80 - POTN 1st Alternate
    85 - MILF
    110 - Nice and clean. Just the way I like them.
    117 - What a nice collection.
    118 - For such an iconic bodystyle; the time and money invested.... at least make the body lines match up properly.
    119 - That look. I love that look.
    120 - MILF of the NIght.
    140 - The majority of this country's problems, solved, with about 500 rounds of 9mm, to the back of the head.

    You appeared to be a cookies-and-cream frame of mind tonight.
    I prefer MILFs and nookie. At least after my desert.
    Thanks, for the early treats, Boss.
    Get prepared for the Monday / Tuesday Nor'Easter, heading our way.
    Hopefully, they get this one wrong, too. I'm ready for Spring.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. They are talking about some of that hitting us on Tuesday.. We shall see.

    2. Late to the party this weekend. Ha, near 70 here today, come sit a spell if'n you like. Another great set Irish but I expected no less as usual. Have a great weekend and get busy ......

  7. As always, fantastic. The ladies this week had especially well developed chests. And of course, they are all beautiful. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. I dunno where that other dollar is but that’s an expensive fucking shirt.

  9. Damn son, ya scared the shit out of me at 108.
    At first glance I thought, Where in the hell did you get a nekkid picture of Marjorie Taylor Greene?!


  10. As always, Hell Yeah! Thank you sir.

  11. Number 128 - I bet when she walks, everything sways.

  12. Am I the only one that thinks pic 84 doesn't look quite right?

    1. Here she is, in color:

    2. No something is off like it's a cropped picture on top of another. The legs and hands don't line up to me but old and blind, but my eye's never went there the first pass, Dad would always say, "did you see those earrings she had on", he was funny.

    3. I thought it looked weird because the tattoo on her ribs blends into the couch pattern. On the color picture, the legs don’t seem to match the position of her hips. It looks like she’s standing behind fake legs on a table.

  13. #12 Satisfying my thing for Asian eyes.
    #27 - Easy, if you know accounting. Your assets are $97 shirt and $1, Your liabilities are $49 and $49.
    #36, #50, #51 Just the right size and shape.
    #82 Heaven looks like this. (I like books, sue me.)
    #92 If I like it, I listen to it.
    Thanks, Irish. Tremendous, as always.

    1. Another perspective: a total of $97 was borrowed. $97 divided by 2 = $48.50 x 2 = $97 + $2 + $1 = $100

    2. And yet another: If you then took the shirt back to the store and got your $97 back... $97 + $1 (Mom) + $1 (Dad) + $1 (you) = $100

    3. Final answer, and it’s simple. You spent $98 on yourself, $97 for the shirt and a buck in cash. The two dollars remaining go to ma and pa means you owe each $49.

  14. Jesus Christ #7, show me your tits already, I've been here 12 freaking hours............

  15. #33 I've seen fat loser dudes with better boobs than his.

  16. I check out the Friday pics every freakin’ week. This gallery is one of the best. Merci Beaucoup!!!

  17. Average Boob size is easily in the "Huge" range!!! Great Job collecting these, as usual!!

  18. Wow, some bevy of babes today, #3 and #25 will make me late for work.


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