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Saturday, November 26, 2022

They Noose Tightens.....


This came in during the overnight hours. I wonder if it was teh boobz or the memes about

the other political party??

You can follow the link to see what was posted back then.








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  1. Another site has that too.
    "Wired right"
    So much for a free country.

    1. If you're not banned somewhere, you are part of the problem. Two things which suck: (1) The cry babies who can't just go browse somewhere else (2) non government entities pissing on free speech.

  2. Replies
    1. And where pray tell do you think it is any better?
      Imagine for a moment if Washington, Payne, Franklin, Jefferson and the rest decided to "move".

    2. Guaranteed that none of those more affordable nations south of the border are going to be pleasant homes when this thing really gets going....and nearly all of them won't let you legally have your guns. At least here I know I won't be singled out as a foreigner from the country that caused all the problems, and I still have the means to fight till the end if it comes.

    3. I like running away; it's less violent and promotes greater self-sufficiency.... but eventually, you run out of places to run *to*. When that happens, your back is against a wall, and you'd better have another plan.

  3. Man, they are right on the ball. Something from April!

    Maybe they are trying to impress the axe-man with their diligence.

    I took a look and was impressed by the Kamala Harris climbing wall.

    1. ^This, yeah, ERJ nailed it. Someone went back to April to complain about it? The heck is up with that? Snowflakes triggered from something 7 months ago? That's why I added the "Sensitive Content" Warning a few weeks ago. No one has an excuse now as they clicked they agree before entering. "The Blogger Team"....lol ... I've had my experiences with them too. Just keep doing what you do!!

  4. You are now on their 'radar'. Someone finds these posts offensive and they will likely keep reporting them as offensive. Eventually Blogger will do what they always do....end your blog. It's not an if.... but a when.

  5. I have a great idea. If you're offended by the content, don't look at it.

  6. Censorship.... takes many forms. Yes, your days are now numbered, Irish. Start looking at other hosting options.

  7. I was in a University Hospital last January for 2 weeks. I had my laptop with me and was able to access the internet via the hospital's patient WiFi. Since I had lots of idle time I put it to good use visiting my favorite blogsites. When I tried to access "The Feral Irishman" site a message came up: "This site is unavailable due to sexual content". I didn't think much about it till I saw this post.

    1. I got the same type of bullshit while camping in western PA last year. Campsite offered free Wi-Fi but restricted all of the blogs we all look at. Our local medical center does the same thing.

    2. I likes my Starlink, and now I can take it anywhere! No filters.

  8. Reach out to Divemedic at areaocho, he's got offshore hosting, apparently safe from the censors.

  9. Yep time to move.

    Bear Claw

  10. Dunno mate. Looked at all that closely, twice for good measure and found nothing objectionable.

  11. Obviously not the women, as they were just naked and luscious as always. The memes however were on fire that week. Maybe it's in looking back, but they poked at every aspect of the insanity of the past two years. I know that posting the couch with the seat belts one got me time in "prison" on just the "Nextdoor" site. Maybe they are objecting to your ridiculing of the mentality ill? Whatever the case, some warning won't stop me. My parents raised me with a spine...and a sense of humor. Great trip through memory lane. Thanks.

  12. Apparently Bogger(SP intentional) has been unaware that you've been posting FFF for how long now?

    On another note, earlier this week, for two days, I was again prevented from posting here and at Ken's place because of a comment I made about the CO gay nightclub shooter over at Ken's place. Apparently Booger doesn't like the word poofter when referring to gay men.

    Both sites use Booger as their hosting software which means Googleyeyes see's every article and all of the comments that are posted to the platform.

    Let's see how long they ban me for this time you effing bunch of poofters.


  13. You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

    Someone said that once.

    Keep up the fire.

  14. I’m voting politics, and the Kamala entry took it over the top

  15. Maybe if you only post Dr@g QuEen pix you won't get into trouble....

  16. Had to go back and visit it to show some support.
    Thank you and Keep us the Good Work!

  17. Was it the pickups?

  18. Thank you for re-posting. One of my all time favorites.

  19. I'd start backing everything up in preparation for rebuilding it elsewhere. Better safe than sorry.

  20. The only pic that wouldn't load, to enbigify, was 90. I doubt that was it.
    Personally, I call it a toss up between #4 and #7.

    Whitehall, NY

  21. Who the fk is the "Blogger Team" and why would anyone give a shit what they think? Why cant people mind their own fucking business.

  22. Same thing has been happening to old posts at BorePatch's place recently too.

    Has the feelz of intentional opposition activity.

  23. Maybe the wall-o-dicks one did it: not because it was offensive (it was spot on about the VP), but because it broke up the aesthetic of hotties...but with blogger, who knows.

  24. “ This post was put behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content; “

    …because the adjective “Feral” in the blog name wasn’t sufficient?

  25. Probably some butch, hairy armpit, 4 day growth on the face feminist upset by real women...

  26. Irish, I think it started with 33 and followed with the other Twitter/Musk memes. You hurt their feelings.
    Thanks for the review, I missed that one.

  27. It started with 33 followed by the other Twitter/Musk memes/pics

  28. If you're catching flak, you're over the target. Carry on...

  29. One of the best FFFFs ever.


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