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Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....







 Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe out there.........


  1. Hedy! One of my all time faves. Such a classic beauty.

  2. Nice veil on 19, Damn, Sophia did a lot of shots in that outfit, great Christmas unwrapping on 31, nice tush on 32, nice naturals on 57, 66, great lifeguards on 68, nice sweetness (and why small girls haven't got a thing to worry about) on 81, nice older lady on 92, 115, 142, nice dream on 98, nice big older girl on 103, I'd stair at 113, nice sunny on 123, nice Hedy on 125, Ashley has great muffins top and bottom.

  3. Nice collage, no flashers, not that the neked females are anything to ignore.

    26, 53 Those eyes
    55 Guy facing facing front upper left, that's me. The rest, when I met my brother's girlfriends family,
    most of those people in the drawing were present.
    63 Music Escape - Sometimes? Every day.
    81 Is it the eyes or the tits?
    138 Demonrat representatives reflect their donors. All criminals.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  4. Always worth the wait.
    Well done sir.

  5. I look forward to FFFF as it’s a highlight of my week. Irish, you never disappoint. Keep up the good work.

  6. #116, I had a great uncle that was some sort of law enforcement. He wouldn’t let nonresident colored stay the night in his town? parish? here in Louisiana during the 1940 or so.

  7. "Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe out there... , or at least remember the date!

  8. Holy shit. I almost missed it this week. Forgot today is Friday.
    I'm all screwed up.

    1 - I couldn't agree more.
    3 - Rosco ain't catching that.
    5 - Oooo. That's purdy!
    7 - I call the winner.
    10 - Super clean first gen Bronc' .
    12 - Sorry, but the wheels don't suit it and the stance is off.
    14 - She's just daring me to make her POTN. I'll call her bluff - TAG!, your it darlin'. My POTN!
    20 - That's the proper way for a woman to hold a rifle. I hate cheesecake gun pics. Real skills are more attractive.
    23 - SOON....
    26 My POTN 2nd Alternate.
    29 - WRONG. The F150 has a Duraspark ignition and the Chevy has an HEI. Though you can throw points in either.
    33 - I'd live there.
    44 - Ying / Yang - in the flesh.
    45 - Everyone thinks you are paranoid until they are executed by killer robots. Sarah isn't that girl.
    46 - No. You unhook the line, because the beeping was annoying.
    50 - Now, that is cool.
    53 - Absolutely gorgeous.
    62 - Operation Mockingbird never stopped. The 2013 NDAA just made it worse.
    71 - Perfect natural form.
    78 - My POTN 1st Alternate.
    80 - That look that says: "The fuck you are!"
    84 - Very cute.
    92 - Love a Hot Mom.
    97 - I love her enthusiastic willingness to please.
    98 - Found Jeffery's POTN . ;-)
    107 - My MILF of the Night
    113 - I could get quite comfy here.
    116 - Mel could always go back. I'm sure Wakanda is waiting for him.
    145 - Jealousy and insecurity aren't good foundations for a relationship. He looks like he's had enough of her shit.
    149 - BTDT. Great technique - I'll have to remember that.
    153 - NO!
    157 - Jeff always wanted to be Larry Hagman's stunt double.
    158 - Good thing she has nice boobs, because her chip shot sucks.

    Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for giving us more to be thankful for, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. thanks for another excellent gallery.
    If you need to maintain your diet, re: #3, you can place one in the center and simply wrap the rest of the rolls around that first one. This way you can still eat only one...
    re: #22 - story of my life.
    #61 - now THOSE are chocolate chip cookies
    Wow, you saved the best for last today!.

  10. 46 Will have me laughing my ass off for days. 48 Gonna have to make one of those.

    Bear Claw

  11. 107 please next time keep that commie bitch robin wright penn oudda our fun thank you.

    Bear Claw

  12. I'm pretty sure that #107 is Robin Wright, who had the title role in The Princess Bride.

  13. Number 31 makes my pee pee harder than a ten pound bag of jawbreakers!

  14. #61: Where can I get those?

    Plenty of other things I'd like, but the cookies I can probably afford:-)

  15. #103 has my memory card burning. Who is she? Yes, I 'm old enough to remember seeing her the first time, but too many years makes the memory fade. My compliments to you Feral, you pull pictures that I can't find.


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