Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....



Posed with a little help from "Johnny Walker",

 Stay safe out there my friends, and enjoy the weekend!!






  1. An excellent effort, by pushing through.
    I, however, don't have the same level of commitment.
    My heart just isn't in it tonight.
    My condolences, Brother.

    Whitehall, NY

  2. Wow. Fugly lesbians, Stacey Abrams, Fat f#ck Hillary, Pelosi, and AOC. Did we do something wrong to upset you? Some very wonderful ones otherwise, and as always, great memes.

    1. I'll just politely suggest that you check the two posts below this week's most excellent FF, then come back here and apologize to Irish. Because no regular visitor to this site can be THAT heartless and self-absorbed.

      (Thanks Irish, and may God's peace bring you some comfort.)

    2. I had read them both. It was a bit tongue in cheek. Sorry it came off harsh.

    3. Thanks for returning to clarify/

  3. 2 has a birthday suit worth unwrapping, 12 has a truly magickal trick, nice looking older lady on 16, nice bouncy on 21, nice (if unnecessary) codpiece on 76, noble sentiment on 83, nice tush on 84, and actually, the memory proves there is immortality.

    One of your best.

  4. Looks like you found your helmet. :-) I don't know what to say other than you putting this out for all of us is truly above and beyond. And a damn fine post it is, too!
    Thank you Irish!

  5. This is what a true giving soul you really have my friend.
    Even in your grief you take the time to post another fabulous FFF collection.
    Because you don't want to disappoint anyone.
    God Bless you man.
    And Thank You.

  6. Stacy Abrams on Star Trek Discovery more closely resembles what people in the future with the ability to replicate endless banana splits would look like than the JJ Abrams fashion models in the Enterprise crew do.

  7. Johnny Walker Black. Always willing to lend a hand. Good shit.

  8. No shortage of baby milk that I can see...

  9. Thanks again for the great content

  10. "I ain't got time to bleed." Jesse Ventura in Predator. Great gif, Irish. I "get it".
    Ohio Guy

  11. for 79, i'll amend that to include the stupidity of the land o lakes butter "woke recognition", where the picture of the indian was removed. as the joke went, they removed the indian and kept the land.

  12. Bless you Irish.
    I know you're heavy today, but what you do here is a ray of sunshine in someone else's darkest hour.
    I mean, they were all amazing, but that one pair, with the pink fingernails just holding them perfectly like that? My GAWD I am ready to come home now Lord.

  13. #118

  14. Excellent post as always Irish. We are grieving with you Brother

  15. #80 and 96 are the same pic.

    And I'm certainly not complaining. I could look at that one all day. Girl next door. Yum.

    Thanks for thinking of us in your moment of grief, Irish. I hope it's theraputic.

  16. Thanks for thinking of us as your deal with your loss. Prayers continue

  17. 6 Alley Bagett. 10 The lovely Fawn Miller. 13 Samantha Fox is a fox.14 Is funny as shit. 16 nice milf. 17 Dammit Irish you and Cederq, at least he supplied eye bleach

    Great set as usual. Have a good weekend as best you can. We're here for ya.

  18. We didn't deserve your time, but we do appreciate your effort. Especially loved the final posted item.

  19. Certainly an unexpected treat with all you had going on these past few days.
    I could watch #7 for hours. Silicone filled bags do not move and jiggle like these beautiful breasts.
    #98 Candy Loving - Playboy 20th anniversary playmate. She was modelling in a nearby booth at a trade show I worked back in the mid 70's and was just a lovely a person as she was a looker.

  20. I kinda expected FFF to be canceled or postponed so didn't log on last night. I shoulda known better. The helmet analogy in the prior post says it all, that and using posting and research for memes and pics as a temporary distractor.

    The redheads, flashers and the fantasy women are all part of my favorites in FFF. The rest of the naked ladies are also highly appreciated. There's no creation on earth like the well proportioned human female body portrayed as art.

    Thanks for providing us with yet another outstanding FFF collage.

    #118 is, from my experience, the exit door on the road to grief healing. It's still a long road to travel to reconcile with the new situation one finds oneself in when these endings occur. The journey begins with the first step. God Bless You and your Family Irish, and thanks for this edition of FFF.


  21. Irish, first time commenter. Thank you for your greatly appreciated efforts. I am very sorry for your loss. Ed

  22. Hang in there Brother.
    We have your back.
    Thanks for the effort!
    Carry On,
    Spokane, USA

  23. Cried when my father passed.
    Connected with you with that little video of your parents and your posts as it transpired.
    Damn man, this FFFF is a Gold Metal achievement.
    Thank you so much.
    Hope your old lady is good to you tonight.

  24. Number 118 - the best thing you have ever posted. Stay well.

  25. #13 I don't remember her name but she was a late 70's Penthouse Pet. I bought 3 copies so I could put the entire photo spread on the back of my bedroom door.


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