Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... "Spaghetti Strap"* Edition...

 Tonight we have a the pleasure of meeting Mrs. "CJ"

It looks cold in the pub and the title holds a clue*

Take a minute to get comfortable after a long day....



  Let's begin..




Stay safe out there, remember the real reason for the weekend and try to enjoy it.


  1. Well done sir! And thanks for the reminder of the true reason for Memorial Day.

  2. Always good to take a break from the shit of the world by coming here to review FFFF.

    Thanks Irish, just what I (we?) needed.

  3. I got as far as #10 and had to pause for the cause.
    Holy shit that was awesome.

    1. You and me both brother!!!😳🍑👍

  4. Nice bouncy on 6, nice everything, but especially tush, on 38, 72, 77, nice tummy on 60, nice beguile on 95.

  5. Got to say I would put Mrs. CJ way above a vegan cyclists

    1. Yes. I had to do a bit of a search but it clicked pretty quickly.
      I want to say nice but I don't want to be insulting. So I will just say nice.

  6. Mrs. CJ is nice, as far as we've seen. Those look homegrown!
    --Tennessee Budd

  7. 48 - classic beauty.

    54 - never accepted any chemical injections, never will.

    79, 81 and 115 - very well built.

    98 - I can hear the 1700 RPM hum, beautimous.

    109 - truth eternal

    122 - the cars? seriously? they don't belong there.

    130 - oh mama.

  8. Looks like even "Operation Let Them Speak" is being blocked - Instagram cancelled "Libs of TicTok."

  9. 2 - How could I refuse?
    3 - I nominate the ENTIRE Demoncrat party for that particular ride.
    6 - Serious Moose Knuckle.
    8 - All about The Narrative.
    13 - Is that a young Demi Moore?
    14 - It is already here. It is just going to get worse.
    15 - Blessed be the Lord, my strength; which teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.
    18 - Spaghetti straps! Damn, that is nice.
    20 - The only way Yoga should be practiced.
    23 - We are well aware of what is causing the shit show.
    25 - The song of my people starts well before 7:00 am, and smells of diesel.
    28 - POTN First Alternate
    29 - ...or Mass, or Jersey, or Connecticut, or NYFC, or, or, or ,or......
    34 - Shouldn't there be Mickey ears on the letter G?
    35 - Being next to cleanliness, tends to get dirty - in a good way.
    39 - Taxation is Theft.
    40 - Holy Moly!
    42 - Better if she left her hair natural. Quite cute, otherwise.
    46 - LS6 in an LT1? Impressive.
    48 - POTN Second Alternate
    49 - The Demoncrat Party: If they aren't killing kids in the womb, they are scaring them for life in other ways.
    50 - Love that particular shape - they way they move, the way they look....... Mmmmmmm, MMM!
    54 - Not going to happen. EUA prevents any repercussions, no matter the damage or fore knowledge of the dangers. SOL!
    61 - And they tell us only Russia has oligarchs.....
    64 - I want to see more of that. MUCH more.
    68 - Uh-oh. Looks like somebody is off her chain....and a little unhinged.
    78 - POTN Third Alternate
    79 - 76 Dent Side Crew Cab. A rather rare beast. I'll take five.
    80 - That look and those eyes. I'm soooo dead.
    81 - When you take your K5 to the topless beach.
    82 - That looks quite comfy.
    83 - TactiCool, Henry Long Ranger Express
    92 - My POTN You really know what I like.
    96 - Hmmm, more spaghetti straps. These are nice as well.
    98 - Curtis P40B Warhawks of The Flying Tigers. Seems we have a history of fighting in wars, we aren't actually in.
    100 - A nice wholesome car ad. I'd buy one, at those prices, if I could. Hell, maybe two or three.
    104 - RIP Ray.
    108 - And all that is now. And all that is gone. And all that's to come.
    And everything under the sun is in tune. But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
    There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.
    111 - 49137 ( Think about it )
    118 - Love me some pokies!
    122 - I have most of those.
    129 - Well; seeing how it looks like I'm not going to catch any trout, I'm going to chase some beaver.
    130 - Mmmmmm. Coffee.

    My Official Guess would be #18, though to be honest #96 is a worthy candidate. Then I went back and read the hint at the top of the page. I'm a dolt - it is #96. I don't know who her significant other is, but they are fortunate to have her.

    Short and sweet this week. Not that I'm complaining. It was easy to make a POTN, but difficult to narrow it down to an Alternate. So, I picked a pile of 'em.
    Thanks. Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. Not only was there the flying Tigers but also the Eagle Squadron of the RAF and the Lafayette Escadrille of WWI (Flyboys).

  10. So glad to have Jeff back and doing well. We missed you, sir. Been here a long time but never felt moved to comment. I somewhat live for this posting every end to a somewhat shat filled week. Prepare for the unthinkable, my friends. Its coming. No voting or elections are gonna dig us out of this. Buy gold. Buy silver. Buy lead in a brass case. Something is gonna happen.

  11. More Mrs. CJ!! It's a wonder nobody got their eye poked out.

  12. You, Sir, are a legend. Thanks for providing a spectacular end to each week. My Dad, too many of his friends and too many of mine, where ever they are, appreciate the reminder of what Memorial Day is truly about.

  13. Awesome as always!
    Thank You Sir.
    Carry On,
    Spokane, USA

  14. Two thumbs up.
    Ohio Guy

  15. 1 She doesn't need a bra. 5 I'll take two. 10 Dayum. 11 Bwahahahaha. 15 Great movie. 19 Meme of the week. 26 Alice Q 48 Sad Taylor Vixen goes the other way. 68 Kristina Makarova smoke show 70 Vanessa Moe gorgeous 72n ikolai endegor is a lucky man 80 Abigail Zientek 82 Venessa very curvaceous 90 Simran Kaur 92 Gorgeous EkaterinaAliabova 105 Sad day yesterday 105 Love the belching blake smoke 111 very expensive item in the day 112 Soon to be useless with not diesel 123 Linda Mujer smoke show 127 I'll take those

  16. #112 - My childhood from age 12 to 15. $2 a day and all the cold water I could drink. Old man Brim sure got his money's worth.

  17. Thanks for sharing Mrs. CJ....lovely bosom👍...please post more!

  18. I don't know how you do it. Fantastic spread of good stuff The steam loco was the cherry on top. Thanks Irish.

  19. Irish you b*stard you've done again, made my Saturday afternoon, much appreciated

  20. Some great piictures this week...the "wiminz" ain't bad at all either. Yea...a sure sign you're getting old...spending more time on pics of cars, booze and food than the tits.

  21. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you.


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