Friday, October 15, 2021

♫♪♫ Bridge To Universe VIII... ♫♪♫


This one caught my ear earlier while I was listening to Pandora. 


  1. Hey Irish, nice pick. Must say you seem to have a good ear. Have appreciated a number of your recommendations. Cheers. Parrien in lil ol’ NZ

    1. Thank you Parrien. I signed up for Pandora many moons ago and have found a lot of new music while listening to different stations I created. Airbag, for instance, showed up on my "Pink Floyd" station. As well as RWPL, Riverside, Opeth, and a few others. Now that I created and "Airbag" station there are even different artists that show up. When I'm outside doing yardwork I listen through my earbuds. If a song catches my attention I will screen shot the artist/ band. Same if I'm working on the computer. I have a word doc that I make notes on if a good song I haven't heard comes up in the playlist.

  2. They have a sound similar to buckethead


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