Thursday, August 5, 2021

Irish was coerced into getting the jab*....



  So far I have been through the drivethru 20 times and decided to get the booster shots tomorrow!!




* just kidding. FTS

If the discussion comes up regarding the jab. I ask "Why do they have to coerce people or try and mandate the use of an experimental vaccine on people?" 

Then I add  "I Identify as being vaccinated, you know, my body my choice"

I have also noticed that more and more people are starting to speak up and share their thoughts.

Last night we were out for a bite and our waitress ended up chatting with us for about 15 mins.

She was a breath of fresh air and was well versed in all the BS that is being sold to us.

I asked what the general consensus was with the customers. She smiled and said a large 

percentage all feel the same way once the conversations start.  She got a nice tip.

Have a safe day out there !

h/t to Skybill for the beautiful view.


  1. Dammit Irish that will almost make me go get the jab but my runs will be longer than a nascar race.

  2. When someone asks me if I have been jabbed I ask them if they like anal.
    They look stupid and I tell them since we are asking questions that are none
    of our business then I deem my question appropriate.
    Conversation over.

  3. I have been openly questioning people with masks as in why are you wearing a bandana in the middle of summer on a sunny day when you're outside?? Mostly I get hummahumma.

    In line the other day at the DMV I asked a guy in front of me if he was planning a stage coach robbery. He said it's just easier to do business with a mask. I told him that was exactly the mindset that allows the government to dictate this bullshit.

    I refuse to wear one and won't take that shot for a million dollars. Inslee and his fellow assholes can kiss my ass.

  4. Forget the tip...I'd have given her the tongue.

  5. I had the opposite happen to me: The male nurse who swabbed my nose seemed unable to keep eye contact. It was only too late that I realized what blouse I had on. Granted, he wasn't so hard on the eyes, either ... :-)

  6. STOP calling it a "vaccine" it is NOT, look up the definition. Where are the long term trials???? Oh wait, they are none. Any drug with this percent of adverse reactions would have been pulled and those pushing it would be going to prison. Then again, china owns our "government." Shit Fire.....

  7. The MSM is the virus........

  8. papers please.........

  9. Is it me or have the get the Vax crowd now more annoying than Vegans telling you they are vegan?

  10. NO worries. after all ...a mask won't help at all..and nerither will distance...right?

  11. Ignore Covid and their Covid rules like they ignore the border. If Covid is coming through the borders. What difference does it make what WE focking do?

  12. These "people" do not care what lies they push on us.

  13. Well the shot certainly has risks, but I get how you might get udderly overwhelmed!

  14. Hmmm. I think I would get in line. Then hem and haw a bit and get a good look but stop her before the jab. Then go back and get in line again. Rinse and repeat.


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