Friday, July 23, 2021

♫♪♫ A Little Sumtin' To Take Us Into The Weekend....♫♪♫..... Grab a cold one and enjoy...


 This one came up on the sidebar earlier today and it's such a great jam.

How great you ask?

Check out the comments I scrolled through....

The best sounding tones coming off that stage are dripping out of those Johnson Millennium amps.  It's the ONLY amp it could be.  Sounds GREAT.


 I wouldn't walk across the street to see Kanye West but I would stand in line for days for a ticket to this show :)


 34 dislikes ? This is pretty cool .This band would make Justin Bieber run off the stage peeing his pants .This is real talent .




 Look at those old guys play the shit out of rock n roll wish today was like this


 The proper version. Sadly hardly ever played. Even back in the day you rarely heard this piece. This is Rock & Roll! Does not get better than this does. 

Had no intention of staying the whole 14 minutes...and then of course I stayed the whole 14 minutes. 

 These guys are having so much fun you can't help wishing it would never end. 

Here ya go......


ENJOY <<<<<<


  1. Very first concert that I ever went to as a teenager many years ago back in the 70's. Awesome!

  2. The part that starts at around the six min. mark is the one I remember. I don't think I ever heard the part before that. ...and yah, these guys can play.


  3. Don't care. Where's Femme Fatal Ferrago? Whudya gotta do for accommodations anymore?

  4. I had a cassette tape of their greatest hits, that I wore out. Another group that I liked was the Grass Roots. Midnight Confessions, Sooner or Later, Temptation Eyes, and several others.
    There are just so many old groups from the 60's and 70's, when I was growing up, that formed my love of music. People ask, why do so many say that music from that era was better than that of today? Answer, because it WAS better than that of today.

  5. Thanks, Irish... took 50 years off me for 14 minutes...

  6. Broke up with my first girlfriend with that song in mind back in Junior high school. They were so awesome then and now.

  7. Randy broke a string bangin' his ax on that one. Fuckin awesome. In my younger days, I played bass for a group of older dudes that played all the good rock. Just like that one. Thanks Irish. You ROCK. Ohio Guy.

  8. Thanks. Brings back memories. That era was, and still is some of the best music...


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