Friday, July 23, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....








Enjoy your weekend. 

  Anonymous, I'm gonna take your comment in the "American Woman" music post as busting my balls in a good way.  We'll leave it at that.

 Dad turns 88 on Sunday so I'll go visit with him and mom.

Hopefully I'll get some time to enjoy some of this over the next couple day. 


  1. double entry about 5 apart in the middle

    1. VH, fixed that for ya. I guess I'm not infallible. edutcher will usually notice if I posted the same pic previously. :)

    2. No, you didn't but that ok. I got to see that lady twice!

      Another excellent set, thanks.

    3. Is there something wrong with doing her twice?

      Asking for a friend.

    4. all resolved. was just sayin...

  2. There is no finer art than the semi-naked and naked female form. There is no substitute for cubic inches and red heads and memes. Yet another fine collage. Thanks and have a nice weekend.


  3. Was looking for today's FFF. Must'uh just gone up. Thanks!

  4. 6 - He lost his 0 BA from the looks of him.
    33 - A safe queen that should be taken out and enjoyed.
    41 - High Boy, in my favorite flavor.
    94 - Lust, in Grabber Blue.
    106 - HEAVY METAL!
    148 - I'm thinking Cyclone.
    159 - My second favorite Angel.
    178 - Bigfoot I
    190 - Get Off My Lawn.
    193 - The only acceptable reason for a woman to have a "bulge" in her pants.

    Awesome collection, again, Boss.
    Enjoy your down time.

    Whitehall, NY

  5. Irish you’re way to good to us. Now I’m waiting for winter so I can be 60 years old doing donuts in an empty parking lot. Thanks and happy birthday to your Dad. Mine just turned 90 years old 👍

  6. Farrah and # 72 get my vote, and Michael in 180 is where a lot of people should be, yet they will not accept reality as we do. Oh, all the car pics are excellent, and good thoughts to your Dad.

  7. Lots of bouncy this week. Nice tush on 49, 93, 104, nice saloon girl on 83, nice undies on 128, 136.

  8. Wow! Another great one, Irish!


  9. Always inspiring….never disappointing. Have a great weekend !!!

  10. #125 - Been there, done that. USS Enterprise (CVN-65, USS Nimitz (CVN-68), USS Eisenhower (CVN-69)
    V-4 Division, Air Department - Purple Shirts(Grapes)

  11. #86, the always lovely Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira. And another wonderful mix of greatness. Happy Birthday to your father. Enjoy your time together.

  12. Thanks for getting by weekend going

  13. Great Line Up, again:
    #26 - is how I feel about all this door to door stuff
    #53 and #59 are women I would get behind!!!!
    #61 - sometimes evolution is a bitch
    #86 - Wow, some lucky guy (or gal) is hitting that!
    #125 - That used to be me in the green shirt and helmet with his thump up in the air!!!!
    #193 - Love Gingers, great smile on this one

    Thanks Irish, you do us a great service with this hard work!!

    Jimmy T

  14. Ice Cream Sandwich
    1 -- Get a couple cookies.
    Chocolate chip, peanut-butter, molasses.
    2 -- Take a pint container of frozen ice cream.
    Turn the pint on its side.
    Slice through in one-inch slabs.
    Peel the cardboard.
    3 -- Place your ice cream slice between your two cookies.
    Mix-n-match can be fun.
    * cocoa
    * coconut
    * white chocolate chips
    * sprinkles
    * date sugar
    * chopped dates, figs, cranberries

  15. Ahhhhhhhh.........Thank You, Irish! Nice to see you got some real WIMMEN in there with the youngsters. And nice to see Elivra again. Hope she's doing well....

  16. 1(56) is cassandra peterson AKA elvira. yes, she's a redhead.

    1(159) sounds like something Lemmy said...

  17. My favorite page on all time. You are THE MAN Mr. Irish. Keep up the good work!

  18. My god,splendid as usual! However the size of 119’s areolae was simply amazing

  19. Do you, by any chance, have number 80's phone number and do you think she'd mind your giving it out?

  20. Outstanding as usual. Shouldn't Jeffrey have used 137 Dani Ashe in a Wednesday segment.

  21. Irish and Jeffrey. IMHO the best ever. Long-time lurking. I also appreciate your attitude on most everything.

  22. #46 in the grocery store, "How about THEM apples"! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

  23. Bravo sir. Bravo. Well done as usual.

  24. Every time I view these it makes me feel like getting my old ass up and moving. Probably wont catch a gal like these, but I might catch some of that food!

  25. Awesome one Feral. Look forward to each femme fatale friday

  26. I see Danni Ashe in her pajama bottoms. Always a classic shape. Well done, carry on!

  27. I believe #191 would be OSB but otherwise on point


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