Friday, July 2, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...










Enjoy your Independence Day weekend as if it's our last. 



  1. Ah, Friday. Friday night!!

  2. Yep, it was smoking here in Keene last week too. This rain is wonderful. Happy Independence Day,

  3. Nice older lady on 52 and 92, nice tush on 76, nice heartbeat on 127, nice everything on 134 and 145, nice shower on 179, and somebody rub 53's bazoobz; that poor girl must be freezing; probably ought to be in bed.

  4. Jesus Jumping Jehosapaht Irish.
    This is FAR AND AWAY your best effort EVER!
    As for the Firebird @ 172, my Dad ordered on that looked just like that brand new from the factory with a 400/ 4 speed and it even had the electric tach out on the hood.
    It did every bit of the 160 on the speedo too.
    There are so many fantastic hotties in this post that I will be coming back again and again.

  5. Can't say I disagree with the last one!

    Thanks Irish!

  6. Beautiful as always!!
    Sad that almost 30 years have gone by since young men knew what a great BUSH was like....
    Be well,

  7. Another FFF spectacular. Who doesn't appreciate women and girls that smile when teasing us dirty old men with their sensational assets, especially the ones that more than teasingly reveal what's under their shirts and the redheads mmm...mmmm...mmmmmmm redheads.

    #110 - The original selfie #192 I can relate, except it's more like 35.


  8. 180, 185, 190, not necessarily in that order, though Ms. 180 would probably eat me alive and drain my bank account. It’d be fun while it lasted. I see that you saved the best for the end.
    Outstanding effort, as always.

  9. Awesome!! Never miss it. Thank you!

  10. Nobody's said it yet, so I figger I gotta. #69 is a real life sized model kit. You fuckin' right I get it!
    #79 for the most outstanding nipple award!! Though there were a lot of worthy contenders, as usual!

  11. Happy America Birthday to All!

    #3 spend less on pool table accessories and more on shingles and caulk. Took me a minute to look away from the action, but when I did I saw the ceiling. Yikes!

    #60 56 Belair. Nice
    #61 57 Looks like Belair, a little blurry. Also nice
    The Tri-Fives are pure Classic American Cars

    #72 Laughingly very appropriate this week.

    The rest? Lots of WOW. Thanks Irish. Enjoy the long weekend. Well deserved.

  12. An excellent selection this week Mr. Irish, my hats off to a fellow firebird lover.

  13. Terrific as usual, and a great start to every weekend. Loved #74,I'd like to see someone pose that question to that family. & # 170. I did that for a living in my youth, something about working at a railroad that stays in your blood forever

    1. There is never getting over the beautiful women that are posted here, but this week, #74 nearly made me rate it higher than all the rest, simply due to it's truthfulness. There is no doubt that poor Mr. Floyd would remain in the ground, if they had the chance to buy his way out, for what ever amount of blood money that the family got. He was not worth much alive, and certainly not as much as he was dead. Sorry to speak ill of the dead, but the truth is always the proper way to go. And each week it only gets better and better. The beauties are no less attractive this time. The only sad thing is, I was never that good looking when I was young, and I continue to age, while the hot chicks continue to remain youthful and gorgeous.
      Oh, well, so long as I have my eyes, I am ok.

  14. A woman like #24 defines sexy! The two cats on the sand is too funny!

  15. Too many Redheads! Sorry, I'm still traumatized by the bitch who took everything I had, including my daughter.

  16. How much money do you think Floyd's family has left? How much will they have left in next year at this time?

  17. I have pulled up to work & the place is burned to the ground, twice. Both boat manufacturing plants. The first never came back, the second is still going 35 yrs later.

  18. Quite a pleasant surprise seeing only 2 'inked ladies' our of this absolutely stellar group........


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