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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

There's only One Irish..



 Cederq commented about there being "2" Irishs on the side bar.

Very observant grasshopper, you get a pebble and maybe even win a cookie.



Lately blogger has been acting up and will not take my log in. It works fine other than that.

Sometimes I can comment as Irish and other times it kicks me out of my own blog. I tried 

adding a different google log in but to no avail. So, yes, there are two Irishs in the sidebar

for now...




  1. And how could that be a bad thing?

  2. Ah HA! look at you lurking at zero dark thirty :)

  3. "Woof...woof...woof...woof.....that's my other dog impression."

  4. That extra link has been there for years.

    Besides, if there were two Irish's, twins perhaps,would that mean we'd TWO Femme Fatale Friday's a week?
    Somebody crank up the cloning machine!

    Whitehall, NY

  5. So if the pebble is about 18 carats or about 30grams of Au and the cookie chocolate macadamian raspberry I would be a happy camper....

  6. It has to mean something when your own blog cancels you. Either you won the internet, or you finally made it onto that "Big List" in the sky, also known as Quantico, forever to live in infamy, or until they can figure out which one is the real you, and send that one to Gitmo.
    Until then, it has been fun, tho.
    I almost thought about trying to comment on this anonymously. Then I remembered that there is no such thing anymore.


  7. So, now I have to watch Kelly's Heroes again.


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