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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Mom Called Me and was Laughing Last Night... " You’re Gonna Love This Story"


 First off here is an image of the "crisis"



Preface,  Rockport was a fishing town and a source of granite from it's quarries. There were many hardy men and women that worked and lived there. I bet life was tough.

 Over the past decades it has turned into a tourist and artist haven.

The story:

ROCKPORT — An explicit political sign (oooohh, scary lead in) on Curtis Street has neighbors complaining to town officials and police, but they say there's not much to be done.

At the intersection of Curtis Street and Castle Lane, just off Route 127, four Trump-related signs are hanging from two buildings. One of them, which was reportedly recently put up, reads, “F*** Biden.” The expletive is spelled out on the sign.

"We are aware of the sign," said Selectmen Chairwoman Ruth George early Thursday night. "We had numerous calls."

The sign in question hangs off the deck of a home under construction on a Curtis Street plot. The other home with the signs, next door at 2 Castle Lane, is owned by Craig Hillier, according to property records. Neighbors say Hillier is constructing the new Curtis Street home. 

A Times reporter briefly spoke with Hillier on Thursday afternoon outside the Curtis Street construction site. He declined to comment on this story. Shortly after the conversation ended, a driver pulled over to tell Hillier that he “liked the sign.” ( I would have said that as well)

Two of Hillier’s neighbor are less enthused.


(Now the Karens )

“I hate it,” said Sue Small, who lives across the street from Hillier. “My husband and I feel it’s very insulting. It’s not welcoming to the neighborhood. And Hillier is a really nice guy, too. He’s done a lot of great stuff up there (at the Curtis Street construction site).”

According to Small, some of her neighbors planned to contact the police about the sign.

“The Police Department has received three calls today regarding the sign,” police Chief John Horvath confirmed Thursday in an email. “The sign is on private property and is protected under the First Amendment. The situation is not a criminal matter and therefore, the Police Department will continue to field calls and inform the caller accordingly.” ( Bravo to the police chief)

George echoed Horvath, saying, "Police have been over a couple times to ask him to take that sign down, but we can't make him because it's protected under free political speech."

Although Small said she didn’t plan on contacting the police, her husband, Joseph Stigliano, ( married but different last names?, I know kinda like a Biden sticker on a Prius) said he was going to drop off a letter to Hillier regarding his dislike of the sign. 

“We saw two young teens the other day pedaling up the hill” right near the sign, he said. “We said, ‘Oh boy, that can’t be good.’” ( Have they listened to the lyrics of the music "young teens" listen to?)

Small and Stigliano have a ( Social Justice controversial) political sign  — “Black Lives Matter”   (Irish hits pause "I wonder what the demographics are in Rockport Ma?")  



continuing on.............

—on their front lawn, as well a LGBTQ Pride flag with “Peace” printed on it. ( AH HA!!!  I fucking knew it ) Their next-door neighbor, Cady Whitley, said she recently put up her own sign in response to Hillier. A handwritten message pasted on her car’s rear windshield reads, “Kids Live Here.”

“He put up Trump signs a couple months ago,” Whitley said. “I have absolutely no problem with that — it’s his right. But when you put up a giant expletive, one that I can see from my bedroom and from my kitchen, it’s extremely disrespectful to the neighbors. There’s also a school bus that drives up this street everyday. I just find it completely unnecessary.” 

Whitley said she recently reached out the Board of Selectmen about the issue.

"(Town Administrator Mitch Vieira) has reached out to about 10 of the 12 people that called," George said. "I had one call and I just reached out to her. "

"We're looking at what other avenues we can proceed with, but there's nothing right now that we can do," she continued. "I'm very sorry this is happening for the neighbors and everyone in town. That's a terrible sign to have up, for the people who have to look at it and for the children who see it."

Selectmen Paul Murphy and Don Campbell could not be reached to comment on this story. (Smart men) 

....   end of article.

"Now that this has been printed cue the vandalism" - Irish

Now, Irish being Irish, just has to go see the players involved.  You know, rabbit hole kinda stuff:

 *google* Craig Hillier Rockport,  *hits enter*: 

Craig Hillier seems like a hard working guy. From what I gather from open social media he must be a lobsterman, beer drinker , obvious Trump supporter, not one to back down.

Found him on fa**book

 *google* Sue Small Rockport,  *hits enter*: 

Not much to find. Appears to be in her 70s

  *google* Joseph Stigliano Rockport,  *hits enter*: 

He is the artistic director of the Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe

Both appear to be from Cambridge Ma , again, open info on the webz, and right there that explains alot. Cambridge Ma   Voted Best City For Liberals In 2016 >> LINK


Now you see how sipping covfefe on Saturday morning's is spent. It's my down time.

Off to project some projects.






  1. That sign looks suspiciously like the sign I currently fly in front of my house. If it is, the story doesn't tell the whole picture. It says "Fuck Biden, (and in smaller print below says) and fuck you for voting for him" . That hits nerves in the liberal community.

  2. Neighbors here in pueblowest have a flag "Buck Fiden".
    As it blows in the wind the letters are re-arranged. haha
    Also they regularly receive hate mail over the flag. Even more haha.

  3. That's funny! In my area, you get the sideways look if you're NOT a Trumper. Weird times eh? Ohio Guy

  4. It never dawns on these Asshole Libs that there have been thousands of Hilary supporters who are still flying the Fuck Trump signs and Fuck you for voting for him and have been for the last 4.5 years. In fact quick check at Amazon you can still buy the Fuck Trump flag right now. Apparently the Liberal Asshole that runs that shit show doesn't have a problem making a buck on Trump hate. If it were not for double standards Libs wouldn't have any standards at all.

  5. I hardly think Glorious Leader china joe is at all attractive.

    Now, First Son hunter biden is another story altogether.
    Quite the catch!

    Unless the signs/flags refer to First Woman jill biden.
    No, I don't see that happening at all.

  6. Now let me see if I get this right. The woman that has a sign on her property supporting a known violent terrorist organization is upset because someone has displayed a sign expressing his displeasure with the puppet that is currently pretending to be the President. You know what that guy needs to put up there next? A sign expressing similar displeasure with the terrorist organization. One of the best things about the people that put terrorist supporting signs up is that they are self identifying as enemies of the Constitution. That information might just come in handy sometime.

  7. I'm thinking that sign isn't going to last long, unless, of course, the current sign owner is proactive in protecting it with a spotlight and perhaps some kind alarm triggered by the sign absconding in the possession of some Karen who will summarily be charged with theft and perhaps destruction of property. Keep us posted on any further developments, please.


  8. I used to travel once or twice a year from North NJ to Rockport, MA back in the mid- 1970's for long weekends. It, like New Hope PA, was an "Artsy, Liberal" city back then. I have nightmares thinking what it's like now.

  9. And you know full well that the douche bag will write his letter to complain, then not sign his name to it or give a return address.
    A friend of mine has gotten ANON hate mail because of the signs around his business. Not a single one of them owned what they had to say. Fuckin' cowards. Every one of them.

    Whitehall, NY

  10. Is it called rockport because of the front yard?

    1. Most of cape Ann is a huge area of granite.

  11. If you happen down that way, find this guy and buy him a beer for me.
    Then tell him to get a great big BFYTW sign and put right next to the other one.

  12. My neighborhood tooFebruary 28, 2021 at 7:21 AM

    There are 2 other ways to enter the neighbothood for those who are truly offened by the meer sight of the sign. Maybe the owner is offened by the BLM sign, and having to sit on his porch and look at it, but that sign is protected and on private property.

  13. So the complainers have been told, time and time again, that it's private property and there is nothing the local government can do about it because First Amendment, and they are STILL whining and complaining to the local government? When are they going to just STFU and learn to live with the fact not everyone thinks and feels like they do? Why do they have this authoritarian mindset that everyone else has to comply with THEIR wishes? Such typical Leftist morons.

  14. I always love it when liberals inject their argument for the sake of the children. The reason they do this is because they can't take responsibility for their own misguided feelings and they must always control the narrative. If they weren't acting for the sake of the unprotected children the reasoning goes, their argument becomes pretty transparent and shallow- it exposes them as the thin skinned pussies that they are. I first discovered this tactic when working with a real asshole school superintendent. He was a savvy political animal who protected all of his decisions by saying that he did things in the best interests of the children. When I hear or see someone invoke the child clause in an argument- I know I am listening to a liberal.

  15. Last time I ventured in to the hinterlands of NH west of Brookline, I came across a BLM sign posted right beside the roadway adjacent to a driveway into an old farm house that had been thoroughly restored sitting on 5 acres of pasture and a couple small gardens. As I looked up at the farmhouse, lo and behold there sits a large Biden/Harris sign up near the house. Now the community where the aforementioned BLM sign is located is as lily white as white can be. I was thinking as I passed it that whoever owns the farm must think that the BLM sign will buy them protection from the screaming hordes when they come. Fat chance. Or they're among the rich woke progressives that have been invading the NH countryside for the past couple decades. Given the Biden/Harris and BLM signs I'm thinking the latter.


  16. I got scuba-certified off Rockport when I was in college. Bunch of snobs even then - they hated-hated-hated MA's open beach access laws so they made parking as difficult as possible. They hated the "common man" for engaging in anything on "their beach".

    As to Cambridge? I grew up there. After I finally sold my late parents' house, I disconnected from the neighborhood email group. Lots of people whom I had known since, well, since my early childhood and only 1-2 bothered to say GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK, because I'd had the temerity, the gall, the utter chutzpah to post a couple of middle of the road posts. Because I was to the Right of Stalin, I was a non-entity.

  17. The line that gave me the biggest chuckle is the one where one of the complainants says, “He put up Trump signs a couple months ago,” Whitley said. “I have absolutely no problem with that — it’s his right." Oh please! If it weren't for the other sign, they'd be having an aneurysm over his Trump sign!

  18. Wonder if it has entered the mind of the Trump sign person that this continued attack/harassment on what he chooses to legally erect on his property could be made into a federal case about denial of civil rights., i.e., the right of free speech as per the 1st amendment?

  19. Where I live in Western Kansas there are Fuck Biden flags (on pipe 20" in the air so the can't be vandalized) along several major highways passing through the area. You have to be mindful of traffic when passing them because people stop to take pictures with them.

    On another note, SelectMEN?!? OMG someone call the LGBTQLMNOP and get them on the job, how sexist!!! LOL

  20. The Rainbow is God's pledge to Noah that He will never again flood the world.
    Gays offend me. Where is my redress?
    And a Weekend at Bidens is more appropriate. He is gaga, not responsible for his sins at this point..


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