Saturday, August 1, 2020

Regarding the SUV Video below. Here is a link to the facebook page of 2NCS 3D Graphics...

 Check out some of their work:

Like this


  1. Nice photo shop.

    But I've done it with an MG Midget in real life.


  2. I hadn't seen this video, but it is a nice photo shop job. I have never been in an MC Midget, but I rode in a Fiat Spyder once, with a friend who was without fear. We were in the country on twists and turns, hitting almost 90 degree corners at about 80 MPH. I told him, to either stop it, or let me out. I was scared to death. The only other time I was scared in a vehicle was in a truck. We were getting wood for our bonfire for homecoming for football season, my senior year of high school. We were going past the 120 and the needle was on the M of MPH, at the bottom of the round speedometer. suddenly, a car in the same lane as us was turning left, ahead of us. We went around him, on the right side of the road, in the gravel, and then back on to the pavement. I think that is the closest I have come to dying in a car, and I was in a wreck that put me in the hospital with a broken back and pelvis.
    Car wrecks are no joke.


  3. I did it in a '67 corvette, BUT! 1) it was just a parked trailer, 2) I was at 90 degrees to it, 3) I crept up on it to make sure the windshield (top was down). I goosed it just before it went under the trailer so that the car would squat, just to be "safe".

    Moving? No thanks.

    I noted that the truck is "pristine", a sure sign of CGI, but I had been forewarned!


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