Friday, July 31, 2020

Ok, A Product Named "Chomp, Pull It Out" Actually Worked Beyond My Expectations.

We have some oil stains on the garage floor from over the years and one in particular was pretty bad. It was ATF and the stain was there for a long time. I tried a few different things and wasn't too impressed. Last week I was searching again and found this concrete stain remover on Amazon.

( I don't not get any paid endorsements it works)

 I did a test area and was amazed.

Shake well. It pours out like thick milk.

I then used a piece of cedar shingle to spread it out evenly.

Then you have to wait for it to dry. It took a few days.

Scrub with a tough bristle brush. It's chalky and makes dust so I did it in small areas and used a shop vac.

Check this out.

That whole 3/4 moon shape was a dark oil stain.
I ordered more to finish it off.


  1. Curious, what's the main ingredient? I've used similar products before, they usually contain some chemical that has a very high pH, which can dissolve stains without dissolving the cement.

    As an aside, swimming pools in bad shape can get acid washed, where they pour muriatic acid over the surface of the plaster. The side effect of an acid wash though, is the loss of some of the plaster, because the acid dissolves it...

  2. did you try cat litter? I've used it numerous times... crush it into the stain w/ your foot, and let it rest overnight. Sometimes had to do it more than once, but it seems to draw the stain out from deep in the concrete.

  3. No more wire brush scrubbing with that orange pumice hand cleaner!

  4. I removed an oil stain with ether/starting fluid. Just sprayed it on and watched it evaporate. No scrubbing. Not sure how effective it would be on an old "dried" stain though.

  5. I use Absorb (kitty litter) and laquer thinner. The thinner gets down in the pours of the concrete and also speeds up the process

  6. Wet the area with brake cleaner, then cover with cat litter or floor dry. Occasionally squish down the floor dry with your boots. Leave it for an hour - good to go. Do not use solvent, it is not the same.


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