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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


  The act of sitting in front of the computer when you can't sleep.

Then finding stuff like this:


  1. His handlers can't think of everything...

    Sooner or later they screw the pooch. Welcome to the Joe & Ho show, America!!

  2. Holy hell, I have that comic on my desk at work - it says "Why Me", and in the next frame God saying back "Why Not?" From a psychological standpoint for a politician I really don't like that being what's on his desk. Politics has been about "me" for quite a few years now, we as a country continuously fail to select candidates that have the nations best interests at heart, it's all "me! me! me!" and we fall for it every time.

    Also, not that I don't think Biden/Harris is the absolute worst the Dems could have picked (they are) but very sure Bidden is holding the phone that way so the audio from the PC is better heard on the phone... look at how the phone is being held, if he were talking on it he'd not be holding that way, that's so that the phone picks up the audio from the PC... just saying.

    Look, I hate Biden, I also hate Trump, both are criminals and blatant ones. I very much feel this country needs to pick middle class leaders, or we'll all become enslaved.

    1. Yes, he is obviously on the line with someone and wants them to hear the conversation with Harris.

      When the guy running for President of the USA is so obviously senile and has a 50 year history of corruption and zero actual accomplishments, you don't need to nitpick the pictures his own people release of him.


  3. will be very entertaining. Let the games begin!

  4. Please note that the LSM were fuzzing out the "notes" on the table when they had the picture on their shows (can't call it the news, because it's NOT).
    Not surprised, because they are totally in the tank for Anybody But Trump.


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