Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Things could have been worse last Wednesday...

Anonymous sent this in an email, thanks :)


  1. Couple years old, but could have been worse.

  2. Missed me! (by that much...)

    Again, lightning likes to discharge through the tallest conductor. Mr. Tree made a great sacrifice, thank you Mr. Tree!

  3. I always love seeing this one. JUST EPIC!
    Particularly the delayed decapitation falling off~ yikes!~

    DO NOTE- the ARC- jumps off tree- and there ARE two discharges between the metal roof eave edges of 'porch'and main home.
    Be really interesting to know if they had appliance and wiring damage as 'Insults added to the structural injury'!

  4. Saw lightning completely blow apart a 30'~40' maple tree when I was a kid.

    Just turned it into toothpicks.....

  5. Tin roof! Busted!


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