Monday, July 20, 2020

Got Food?

Mad Max 2 Dog food scene on Make a GIF

It doesn't have to be "survival food", but we all have to have water and food. Here are a few affordable suggestions that can be delivered right to the doorstep.

Prepare accordingly. There is a strong possibility of a "pop quiz".


  1. You would be surprised what ya would eat when ya got hungry enough...

  2. When I was in the Army MREs and just come out and there were only 12 different ones in a case. There was an entree that had the same ingredients as Alpo. We always thought that particular one tasted like dog food and someone went to the store and bought the can of Alpo to prove to us that it was, indeed, dog food in the MRE.

    1. Just don't eat the "Two Fingers of Death" MREs.... nor the scrambled eggs and ham... you will be bound up and won't crap for a month and when it does come you will be praying for a quick death, for your mother, you will come to Jesus and lastly, you will wear a depends for a month, cuz' the bleeding.

    2. Back in '75 my team was stuck on a missile site for 4 days (winter, snowed in), and we opened up the Survival Pack, to get to the K rats that were in them. We opened up the meat can, and the meat was... green, with a purple sheen to it. Date on the can was early 60's.
      NOBODY would touch the food. We drank a lot of water (snow melt), ate the crackers.

    3. Ahhh, Igor, you missed out on a chinese delicacy!

  3. tHE STUFF i ate in the Philippines to survive would make a goat puke. Ballute and snakes. ish

  4. sometimes when food is hard to come by, think out of the box.

    canned dog food is usually fit for human consumption. just add a multivitamin along with it.

    dry corn (sometimes labelled "deer corn") from the feedstore can be ground and made into cornmeal. same with shelled sunflower seeds. sunflower seeds won't last as long though, because of the oils and moisture in them.

    if you're able to prepare more ahead of time hardtack, portable soup, and parched corn will last a very long time.

    Townsends has a youtube channel where they have a lot of this stuff..


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