Sunday, July 12, 2020

Damn.... I Wonder What They Do For An Encore?



  1. Twice have I been the lucky recipient of a sudden introduction to a drunk driver. Both times the vehicle was totaled. Both times I was pretty badly injured. One was a highway patrolman who had been fired that very day for drinking on the job. He had spent all day bar hopping to drown his miseries.
    His truck careened to hit a telephone pole. After I came to my senses I ran over to find him slumped over the wheel. He woke up only to shove his service revolver in my face.

    Then there was the car load of teenagers just weeks before graduation who all but one died at the scene. The one who survived is forever in a wheelchair. The aftermath of that accident reverberated through our small town. The entire senior class was 37 students. 15% of the entire senior class was killed in that accident.

    Since that day I am fervently of the opinion that drunk drivers should die. If not by their own stupidity then at the hands of others. I have in mind summary execution.


  2. Well, for an encore they could pay the bail and/or fine with an NSF check...


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