Thursday, March 19, 2020

Quarantine... Day 5...


  1. Day 1 ran out of TP
    Day 2 ran out of soap
    Day 3 ran out of food
    Day 4 ran out of water
    Day 5 resorted to canabalisim.
    Day 6 rescue team arrives, now have plenty of food.
    Day 7 Cure for all disease announced....

  2. Much better than cat vids.


  3. Wife's sister is getting married today. We're in proto-isolation because somebody at wife's work may have been exposed and the test is taking forever to come back from CDC. The wedding has been shifted from a church to the county JOP, which is now closed. So they're doing the wedding at home with just a few guests. They found a preacher but he won't come in the house. So the wedding will be out on the back deck. It's raining. If we go ... and the sisters are fighting about it on the phone right now ... we'll drive an hour to stand far away in masks and cloves, watch a 5 minute ceremony, wave and yell out some congrats, then drive an hour home. This totally sucks.


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