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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Does Anyone Remember ♫♫ Planet P Project ♫♫ from the good ol '80's?

Reader Steve sends this.....

Greetings!   I have been enjoying your site daily for a couple years now.   Thank you for the variety of content.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

I was listening to a business report discussing the economic effects of closing businesses..   Someone complained that shutting down the factories and killing the stores was worse than the virus.   That line brought me back to a great album from the 80's   Planet P's  Pink World.

The title song, Pink Wold  https://youtu.be/6ubi2unmN4o?t=4m59s  is very fitting to our current crisis: 

Cancel all your credit cards and settle up your bills
Cause you won't need them anymore
Close down the factories
Blow up all the stores
Cause there's a pink world
Comin' down

Of course this album was written back in the days of our frivolous youth when all we had to worry about was nuclear armageddon.   (I miss those good ole days lately)

Another classic from the album that comes to mind with lockdowns everywhere is A Letter From The Shelter   https://youtu.be/6ubi2unmN4o?t=1h1m51s

Hope you enjoy them, please share if you do!
Thanks Steve! Irish


  1. I have their Planet P Project album, the song Why Me is one of my favorites. Love the guitar, lyrics, etc.

  2. The good ole days. Hide under your desk when the Bomb goes off. Not that you'll be safe, just that we'll be able to use the seating chart to identify the bodies.
    10 ounces of lukewarm Coke poured In will be effective birth control. & it is, because what girl would let you? (not so much these days it seems).
    These days, I have crystal clarity that God controls our Destiny. Which means Darwin Award winners can't Not Be winners. We can run, but can't hide, from the virus. Or the failures to Society this is going to have.
    Now to be choosing wisely what that Destiny will look like. I know, I know, Scott Adams would disagree, but we still get to "decide" what we're going to do Today.
    After all, Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  3. I've had the Planet P Project album since the day it came out. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I have always enjoyed it. Tony Carey is a musical genius, although highly under-appreciated by most.

  4. I'm a HUGE Planet P fan! If you have the chance, and can find it.... Check out the Go Out Dancing trilogy of albums.... https://youtu.be/IjTHq8lMM2Q

  5. Try this one...



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