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Thursday, December 19, 2019

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass"

In the polarized political climate of today, it matters not whether Yamamoto actually said those words or not. What matters is "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". 


  1. I doubt that he actually said that, but I would like to think that he did. Even if he didn't, it would probably be true. One thing you do notice is that no mater how many people we are in a fighting war with, it is never on our turf, but always an away game. There has to be a reason for that other than it being a long drive here.
    I myself just ordered a new carry gun. I have been carrying a Taurus Millenium G2 for a couple of years, and have had no problems, but I saw a Ruger SR9C for only 259$. I thought that was a great deal on a gun that is a small step up from my Taurus. I shot my daughter's SR22, and it was a very accurate, nice handling gun with a very good trigger. I plan on keeping my Taurus, as a second carry gun, in case I have trouble with my Ruger, but Rugers tend to be pretty solid.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, as well. Stay safe, and be well.

    1. Congrats on the new purchase. I don't know anything about that model of Ruger. I have a SR 22. It is light, accurate, and fun gun to shoot.
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours pigpen51!

    2. I have an SR9c, paired up w Ruger's 9mm pistol caliber carbine. I've used both in 2.gun indoor idpa type competitions. The compact is a solid little shooter. Mine didn't like WWB 124 grain ammo but has otherwise been flawless.

  2. Good choice. Friend of mine has that Ruger for her EDC for years. Recently, had some troubles with it. Sent to Ruger. Back in two weeks. No cost for the repair. We put 150 rounds thru it last Sunday. Back to it's old reliable self.

    1. Every time anyone buys a product from Ruger that put money into the State of New Jersey's coffers.

      There are far too many gun manufacturers in red states to consider Ruger.

    2. I made steel for 35 years, much of which went to Sturm Ruger, first to Pine Tree Castings in New Hampshire and then to both PTC and to Sturm Ruger in Prescott Arizona. They were always a good company to deal with. I hired into the company in 1978, just 3 months out of high school. I did every single job in the plant, from furnace operator to pouring steel, to running processing pots that remove carbon to running casting machines, lab worker, and working in the vacuum side of the shop, running vacuum furnaces that produced metal for the hot portions of jet engines.
      I often dealt with customers who came in with questions about how we did certain processes, because I was the only one who worked there who had ever done as many jobs as I had.
      One time, we had a contract with the Columbian government, during the recession that started in about 2008 or so. They bought 200,000 pounds of steel, which sounds like a lot, but was only 10 heats. But at the time we were glad to get anything. It was alloys like 410, 416 w/sulfur,6150, 17-4, etc. All alloys that are used in gun making. They were making AK 47's, and they had their own people come in and watch for a day or so, to see how we did things, before they placed the order.
      One other fun time was when Mexico changed their coinage. We got all of their old coins to remelt and make into bar stock for them to remelt and cast into their new coins. They had a pretty large number of their own people in there watching as we handled the dozens of boxes of coins, weighing over a ton, while we weighed them up with additional raw materials to meet the new specs, loaded them into the furnaces and melted them and then continued down the line of processing. They were afraid that some one would get ahold of a box or two and reintroduce it back into their economy and cause problems. To see all that much coinage in one spot was really something.
      As far as saying there are too many gun makers in red states to consider ruger, I figure it is the same as being a good steward of my money for God. I am responsible for what I do with my money. I am not responsible for what the next person does with the money I spend at their establishment. If I go to a grocery store and buy bread and milk, and the owner is a non Christian, that does not make me a bad Christian for spending my money there. I spend my money with the merchant who gives me the best quality merchandise at the best price, as long as they are not actually engaged in outright killing babies, or such. I have had this conversation when I was an adult Sunday school teacher.

  3. @pigpen51 - good Christmas present for yourself. Ruger makes solid firearms. My better half carries the LC9 in her purse. I taught her to shoot on a Ruger P89 many years ago. and the AR556 is a solid above-entry level carbine.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Men with rifles don't get loaded into boxcars.
    Red in OleVirginny

  4. Any Govt official that comes to take away your firearms is an OATH BREAKER.


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