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Friday, September 6, 2019

Some Good New.. Will Be Worth Following..

Boston Judge Denies All Requests to Drop Charges Against Straight Pride Parade Protesters  <<<LINK


Judge Sinnott, 63, was appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker in 2017, the Boston Herald reported.
The lifelong Boston resident was an Army Reserve judge advocate and Iraq War veteran. He has also taught the law of war at Suffolk University Law School.


  1. Look for them to threaten the Judge and to try to bomb the police station. remember when the ANTFA Clown got himself killed in Portland OR for trying to shoot a cop in the school he tried to register his kid in. Turns out he did not have custody of the kid and showed up with a gun and back pack with pistol magazines init.

  2. Too bad the judge didn't find the prosecutor in contempt of court for her stand and comments for not doing her job.


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