Sunday, September 1, 2019

If you were "Red Flagged" tomorrow and had all of your guns confiscated, how would you fare?

After reading a piece over at 90 Miles From Tyranny about the Marine that was flagged and forced to surrender his firearms for "threatening" ANTIFA I began to think about how such laws work, what recourse the accused (flagged) has, what resources are available to authorities regarding lists of weapons, etc. I imagine the statues vary from state to state, but am not sure. At this stage in my life I am positive .gov has a pretty good idea that I like guns, attend gun shows, have bought several gun over the years and have made a few NFA purchases.  I do not want to surrender my arms for "red flag laws" or any other "made up" laws and am not sure as to how I would react if I were placed in that situation. I do know that when .gov doesn't play by or is constantly changing existing rules and laws illegally that people who have been law abiding citizens all their lives tend to act in kind. Sure, I have friends who would lend me guns, ammo, etc. if something like that happened even at the peril of them being "flagged". I could dig a hole away from house and cache a gun I legally bought from an individual that isn't papered to me along with some ammunition, and other possibles and have the comfort of knowing where it was if I needed it though it would do me little good if my home was invaded by gang members. Certainly there are stricter penalties for people who have been flagged, turned in their guns, and then get caught with a gun after the fact, but that sort of statue would only work on people who obey the law. Who would want to obey laws that have been ignored and cherry picked by .gov (local, state, or federal) to disarm law abiding folks who have never before broken the law? Such laws seek to disarm people incrementally not necessarily because they have made threats, but also due to the fact that one of their enemies "feels" threatened.  I have to call bullshit on these red flag laws. The Constitution is pretty plain (shall not be infringed). I can see how red flagging a bunch of folks will eventually lead that group to martial under a black flag turning on the people who stole their guns in the first place. It is sad that most politicians are so dumb when it comes to this nation's history.

                           I bet this Marine never dreamed he would be "red flagged" for any reason.

An ex-Marine threatened to ‘slaughter’ antifa. The FBI, using Oregon’s new red flag law, took his guns away


  1. I have 10 guns. The government demands I turn them in. I do. How many guns do I have? 15. I lied about having 10. :D

    What's worse about this? ANTIFA etc. say, routinely and openly, things far, far worse and more proximately direct calls for actions... and nothing happens to them.

  2. Red flagged? Moi?
    Molon labe.
    Bring friends.
    Lots of friends.
    Leave the married men behind on that trip.
    Pack a lunch.
    Make sure your life insurance and will are paid and up-to-date.
    And take this to the bank: you won't need as many cars to haul your guys going back as you sent out.
    Now that the rules have been explained, let me know if that still sounds like winning, no matter what happens to me.

    Because for me, after the first shot, all the rest are free, and the more I take out when my chance comes, the less of them there'll be for the next guy.
    Maybe I get 0. Maybe I get 2. Maybe I get 10.
    That's what makes it a horse race.

    There's 2M of them, max.
    There's 150M of us, and we've got around 600M guns, and several trillion rounds of ammo.
    You may get my guns, but there won't be a hell of a lot of unexpended rounds left as long as I get a vote in that discussion.

    Oh, and if you go to neighbor's house first: same rules apply. Except I'll be the guy shooting you in the back instead of the face. Surprise!

    Ask the 5th Regiment of Foot how those rules worked out for the guys in the bright red uniforms.

    Because the day the law doesn't apply to me, you can take it to the bank that I'll be operating under the exact same ROE, except with a mean streak, and no intention to give you any safe spaces, like when you're getting a burger, or walking with your family in the park.

    Think that whole "Optional Constitution and Bill of Rights" cunning plan over long and hard before you decide to go there.

    It's really not going to work out the way you think it will, and it only gets worse on Day Two.

    Oh, and lest I forget, I have friends and relatives, and we also know who your bosses are, and who passed those laws to begin with.

    Now, bet me you can protect you, your kin, them, and their kinfolk, after you kick this off.
    For even a week.

    Then bet me you're going to remain the only ones kicking down doors and shooting people in their homes at 3AM for very long.

    Go ahead, I dare you to.

    This is lose-lose for TPTB, which is why all kinds of local agencies are announcing they'll never enforce those laws, and want nothing to do with them.

    Red Flag?
    "No Quarter given nor expected."
    Call that toss in the air, Jackboots.

    And maybe you get lucky. I get surprised, no one gets shot, and you get every gun I own.
    Goody for you.

    People, even disarmed ones, can get gasoline and dish soap for cash. The industry term for that is napalm.
    Rust and magnesium shavings are for sale on Amazon. They call that thermite.
    Nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil are sold commonly all over. That's ANFO low explosive.
    You can't get much forensic evidence off any of it.

    Now you're at risk for losing cars, buildings, and, really, anything someone's got a mind to go after.
    So, what's a police cruiser cost these days, all kitted out?
    And that's shiny new police station/courthouse/city hall you've got there. It would be a shame if it all blew up, or burned down.
    And if someone was really pissed off, and had no other options, imagine the fuster-cluck if they set the building on fire first, then rigged explosives outside once everyone evacuated there?
    Bad day for everyone, huh?
    And this has been stuff in the public domain since the 1970s.

    Still want to play f**k-f**k games?
    Or would you, perhaps, like to rethink the idea that the rule of law might be a much better system to operate under than Mogadischu Rules.

    So Shitweasels and Jackbooted minions, please, put the Stupid Stick down, before someone really gets hurt.

    1. You said that there are 2 million of them. But in reality, many of that number would side with the Patriots. I know that the military has sworn an oath to protect the constitution. And to obey all LEGAL orders from their superiors. I have a son in the Navy, who told me that he and his shipmates would not be involved in taking guns from anyone, even if ordered.
      Myself, I hope it never comes to it, but I won't sit by while my rights are taken. I don't know what will happen, and I have no death wish, but at some point, you must say no more.

  3. Well said Aesop. I know many who are of the same opinion and mettle. The commiecrats, RHINO dirtbag politicians, and dissenters need to come to their senses and "stop poking the bear".

  4. It seems that everyone forgot to read, understand and include the words “IN SELF-DEFENSE, IF ATACKED,” . I guess he should have said “I’ll wait for the Portland police to help me”, and would likely be hospitalized or dead. What would they do if he had said “Be safe, but if you can’t be violent”! ? Time to sue the city and State for disregarding the individual Constitution Bill of Rights. There is NO right not to be afraid or to demand someone else’s RIGHTS be removed for some claimed NON-RIGHT feeling. I would go on, but with ignorance running amuck it is a waste of time and energy.

  5. Excellent thinking and a word to all who value what WE think is freedom. TPTB will not understand any offensive based on non-fire arms, asymmetrical engagement, (OUR advantage). LOL TPTB look at the forest....but do not see the trees. Red Flag laws are pure bullshit! Why this Marine gave up his guns? IDK. Do we know the full story? IDTS! When the POPo came to his house what triggered their response in the first place? What was their warrant(?) based on?. Reasonable suspicion, probable cause, or a snitch?....Don't know? LOL it's no warrant time now ffolkes? The POPO will tell you they err on the side of caution, all the fucking time....oh and ahh regardless of your rights! When the popo can come in and seize your possessions without a warrant and due process, well then we are in a lawless society. RED FLAG LAWS are designed to soften the people to accept this as normal. Slowly, incrementally. The popo will tell you they are here to safeguard your wellbeing .....regardless of yo Constitutional rights. RED FLAG laws do away with due process, ergo what fucking warrants do I (POPO) need? Case in point is it just being a Marine? You know the drill by now...PTSD, high strung, cannot re-adapt to society and on and on. Or is the govt expanding their causation based upon the fact you served your country to begin with. Ironically the same government, that you swore an oath to protect and defend, are the ones who will be the first inline to strip you of your Constitutional Rights at 3 A.M. Probable cause, yep have it right here......YOU SERVED YOUR COUNTRY, you may be a bit twitchy, and a little hot headed, said bad things, or made a finger gun gesture to an easily triggered asshole! How did they know what this Marine had? Military records, Neighbors, A pissed off ex gf or wife? WE need to know what EXACTLY happened here with this Marine. How does the popo know what you have?

  6. Exactly what I have been thinking. How do you respond to this nonsense? It really doesn't matter since I lost all my firearms in a boating accident years ago.

    1. Yep, sadly, the same thing happened to all mine.

  7. First thing to do is make sure you have some arms WELL HIDDEN so that it would be VERY difficult for them to be found and seized. Second.... DO NOT expect 'justice'. Expect the state to destroy your property and NOT return it. The laws under which they were seized are GROSSLY unconstitutional....why would they care about unconstitutionally destroying the guns. And they are NOT going to tell you who made the "complaint". Plan accordingly. Third.....the odds of these laws being overturned are roughly the same as one of us winning SuperLotto, not impossible but damn close. Finally....what is to be done about this blatant and obvious end run around our rights in the quest to disarm us so we can be ruled with impunity. That question can only be answered on a personal level. But the commie left has FINALLY found the means to disarm us. They are NOT going to let go of that success.

  8. There are somethings that Progressives just can't and will never comprehend. It's just not the difference between a violin and a fiddle, but a host of things their feeble minds will never comprehend. The gap between East and West coast liberals and the American Heartland is widening. And that growing gulf is beginning to equal that before the great American Civil War. A division that 'could only' be solved by a force of arms. If the voices on the left continue their drift toward violence and incivility the on-rushing events can have but one outcome. Once again, the force of arms will determine which side wins and which is vanquished in the conflict. Bullets will once again determine the victor. And just like the war between the states, the side that has the most guns will prevail. Need one even ask, which side God will support? It seems apparent that the left is even more stupid than ever thought.

    1. Poke,
      It is apparent that it is indeed the two coasts that are against those of us living in the heartland of the country. Most of the semi conservatives live in places like the mid west, the south, the north west, to a point, etc. I live in Michigan, and while we have a lot of liberals, we are still a mostly conservative thinking state, who treasures our rights, and are willing to keep them, by what means are called for. I hate to think of the worst possible thing coming to force us to keep them, mostly because of my family, my kids and grandkids, but it is also because of them that I am willing to fight to keep those freedoms. Let us hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does, let those who will try to take our freedom from us, that the cost will be dear.

  9. Hi Irish,
    'Doesn't take a "Cal. Poly. Rocket Scientist" to "figger' out"where this dude "F'ed up!!" He plastered his intent all over "Social Media!!" Funny how that goes!!! The "Looney Left" is all over the Media!! You say "ANYTHING" that can ever so remotely be construed as "ANTI-THEM" and you are "TOAST!!!"
    SO!!! LOOK!!!!!!... "He's 'TOAST!!!'"

    These days if you have anything "Negatve" no matter how small or trite, keep it to your self!! Thus "A Secret".. and the best way to keep a secret is to,"DON'T TELL ANYBODY and DON'T WRITE IT DOWN!!" And>> if anybody accuses you of ANYTHING impropreitious ... "Admit to Nothing.. and .. Deny Everything!!"..... "VOCIFEROUSLY!!!!!!!!"

    'Remember Ronny Ray-Gun sayin' x-actly that!!

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

    PS 'Also doesn't take a "Cal. Poly. Rocket Scientist to "Figger' out that we are in a "WAR!!!" We understood the "COLD" aspect of it but ever so incrementally it has warmed up.... "The Frog is about to get BOILED!!" Those of us that understand the scenario are "locking and loading" those not,..... are going to be "T-O-A-S-T-!!!!!!!!!"

  10. Why not just red flag all the criminals?

    1. Great idea Boattailinjection. We could include all the Commiecratz and Rhinos for starters!

    2. Hi Jeff,
      "RED FLAG!!" the thing about about it is that it can work "BOTH WAYS!! How about some of "US" start "Flagging" "THEM!!!!!!"
      When the SWAT team breaks down their door at 3 AM they don't have any guns so it will be cold blooded murder and the cops will still get "A PASS" ala Phil Brailsford!!
      As the old sayin' goes,"What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander!!!!"

      Essentially what they devised with the "Red Flag Law" is an open ended free-for-all!!!
      Unlike unlawfully calling the cops and having someone you don't like "SWAT'ED" ..RED FLAG requires the raid to be signed off by a Judge!! Then the Law IS on the HOOK TOO!!! AND they will sign off on their own "Botched" f'up!!!

      Should be FUN!!!!
      Start making the POPCORN!! ... Better than UFC!!!!

  11. You need to both do this and shout it from the rooftops. Bury guns! That way, when they come to take yours, they only get what you planned for them to take.

    Then go dig up some guns and refresh the tree of liberty.

    If the authorities knew that confiscation triggered only violent responses they might have trouble getting people to go out on confiscation raids.

    1. Ps, living in the people's republic of Portland, mine are already burried in several locations.


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