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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Shocked! I say that I am absolutely shocked!

The one past President of these United States who should be on his knees every morning thanking the Good Lord for Barrack Hussein Ovomit. Had it not been for BHO, Jimmy Carter would to this day remain the sorriest POTUS in the history of the world. In a tirade of Trump bashing today, Carter admitted he voted for Bernie Sanders. Carter went on to say that "four more years of Trump would be a disaster". When I was a kid growing up demorats tried hard to conceal the fact that they were Commies. Now, they embrace the suck. 

Image result for Jimmy carter photo signed away the panama canal image                                                                 

Photo of Jimmy Carter right after giving away the Panama Canal

Jimmy Carter is pictured in October 1976. | AP Photo

Carter fulfilling his campaign promise of pardoning draft dodgers

Image result for jimmy carter with jane fonda image

Carter in the arms of the traitor "Hanoi" Jane Fonda

Image result for image of an empty book

NYT best seller "Positive Accomplishments of President Jimmy Carter"


  1. for a guy who was a naval officer, a nuclear propulsion engineer, and a President of the United States of America, and the military's commander when I was in the service, I was more than willing to give him respect due his office. today, I cannot do that at all. except for his efforts at habitat for humanity. he should probably concentrate on that aspect of his life as the life he had up to that point has been a failure. what public program or action had peanut boy taken in politics that is memorable to you? admiral rickover accepted him into the navy nuke club and now his judgment is in doubt also.

    1. He is an anti-Semitic SOB who sided with the Arabs/muslims against Israel every time. The old gas-bag is still trying to act as if anything he has to say is worth listening to. Hanoi Jane was probably so drunk that she dropped to her knees on the deck and hummed the Flight Of The Bumblebee on his old skin flute. She always was a slut, but usually for money. Ain't that right Mr. Turner?
      The only female I ever thought of spitting on, and I still would.

  2. "$ more years of Trump would be a disaster...to our globalist agenda and efforts to destroy the Republic."
    There, I fixed it for you, jimmah.


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