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Monday, September 16, 2019

Man on motorcycle crashes down 60'-70' cliff and survives

Rick Hogge from Texas was trail riding with a group of friends in Colorado when his bike careened off a cliff and into a creek below. Miraculously, Hogge survived and was uninjured. Read more HERE.



  1. I RAN Schofield Pass when I was a student in 1969. The road has gotten much worse since then. Incidentally, there have been 2 accidents in that very same spot where 4WD vehicles went into the Devils Punch bowl which resulted in 12 fatalities.

  2. Schofield is not a good trail to run uphill, and is dangerous when run from Crested Butte. That guy was driving it like he was on a dirt singletrack, and you cannot do that on off camber rock slopes.

  3. I was running from Gothic to Marble. It was pretty rough. I did fall down once in that section.


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