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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Subliminal Breakfast Suggestion.....


  1. Sunday at Costco, I picked-up a yuge package of smoked pork belly. Three # for us$12.

    Cooked 'sous vide', ready-to-eat.

    Somehow, I managed to single-handedly finished the whole 3# by Tuesday afternoon.

    Maybe I could add eggs and fresh fruit to my next splurge with smoked pork belly. Or would that diminish the moment...

  2. Subliminal? That's right the hell in your face! Made me want to jump in my truck and find the closest restaurant that served Eggs Benedict. If you cook for yourself (or have a wife/girlfriend who will cook for you) try making it with Bearnaise sauce instead of Hollandaise. Yum.


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