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Monday, June 3, 2019

D-Day, but not the Normandie Landings ( SCOTUS is expected to rule on this case by June 6th )

This is one to watch. The Supreme Court is set to rule on U.S. Army Veteran's "unconstitutional gun/suppressor" case early this month. Jeremy Kettler was convicted in 2016 for failing to register and pay the $200 tax stamp on a "suppressor" he purchased from an army surplus store to the BATFE. The owner of the store, Shane Cox , was also convicted for selling the suppressor. Both are contending that the federal government has no jurisdiction on a NFA items made in Kansas and possessed by a Kansas resident. 

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This only a stock photo. I'm not sure what kind of pistol or suppressor Mr. Kettler bought. To read more about the story, click HERE.

H/T to reader Bob in Kentucky


  1. Either the Fed Gov enforce all their rules (immigration, illegal immigration, corruption, graft and other things that seem to be selectively enforced, like sanctuary cities for all of the above) or they admit and allow selective enforcement, and let the people of Kansas do whatever they want.

  2. Funny how the latest "mass shooting" was committed using a suppressor equipped pistol.
    Amazing coincidence that it lines up so close to the start of a SCOTUS trial concerning such issues...../

    Whitehall, NY

  3. Interesting states-rights perspective on the suit.

    Suppressor on a (stock photo) ported pistol? Makes as much sense as one on a revolver.

  4. State law says it is legal as long as it doesn’t leave the state of Kansas. This is the same as Colorado’s Pot laws. Federal government says no Marijuana is legal but Colorado says it is okay. If they fine these two then they need to do a drug raid on the state of Colorado. Arizona Oklahoma, California amongst others. The people of the state of Kansas need to hold firm on this.

  5. State's Rights, the government needs to let this one go.


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