Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Nice Backside....

The rarely-seen upstream face of Hoover Dam, May 1935


  1. Similar to most dams, the water capacity of Hoover reservoir is a tiny fraction of the original amount.

    Mountain water carries silt while rapidly moving, then the water is slowed at the reservoir contained by the dam. The silt settles, turning the reservoir into a meadow.

    One example is the reservoir at Folsom dam in north Carolina. During dry season, you can walk across the gravel. Compare that to the downstream view of a massive concrete wall enclosing a canyon so steep, technical climbing gear is required to scale it.

    Dorena reservoir near Cottage Grove, Oregon is the same. Walk across the former reservoir during dry season.

    About the 'management' of the government agents in charge of the rivers in Nebraska and Missouri prior to March and April 2019, the evidence shows clear incompetence.

    A 'no-cost' option included in your purchase price.

    1. Folsom dam in CALIFORNIA, not Carolina as spellchuck auto-wrote.


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